Tuesday, September 16th – So close….


One day closer to home.  Riley passed the car seat test with flying colors, and we got confirmation that her MRI is normal!!  Thank goodness!  Guess the MRI didn’t pick up on the little bit of craziness that hides deep within her:)  The only thing left to do is her hearing screening, and the plan remains the same, with discharge home on Thursday.    I updated Ian with the good news via text this am and he responded back asking “What boarding school should we send her to?”  Not nice, Ian.   Let’s at least first see how she behaves once we get her home and she’s spent a little time in the time-out chair.

You’re not sending me to boarding school, dad!!

Several nurses have stopped in to say good luck and goodbye to us already.  Leaving here is definitely going to be a little bittersweet, as we will definitely miss the support we’ve had and the friends we’ve made with some of the staff during this crazy journey.  We’ve even had a few requests to install our own camera system in Riley’s nursery at home so they can log in and watch her when they want to.  We’ll see what we can do about that;)  We will certainly look forward to seeing everyone again at the annual NICU reunion that takes place at the Pittsburgh Zoo. I can’t even imagine how different Riley will be then, as the changes we’ve seen in her over these past 2+ months have been remarkable.

Feedings went as usual today.  No luck with the breastfeeding still, despite multiple attempts, but she’s rocking the bottle with very few issues.  She’s now taking anywhere between 60-70cc’s during feedings, adding to her ongoing chunkiness:)  Speaking of that…she’s now up to 6 lbs 12.4 oz!!

catching flies…

Riley passed her hearing screening, and just needs a follow-up examination in a year.  Another item checked off the list!  Looks like we’re ready to go!  Let’s do this.

Well what are we waiting for???



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