Sunday, September 14th – Technically “full-term” with home in sight


Riley kept her promise…she was a good girl last night and didn’t have any issues.  The nurse mentioned that she needed a little bit of O2 to get her through her last 2 feedings early this am, but otherwise everything remains the same.  She ate 60 cc’s during her last two feedings, and continues to pack it on, weighing 6 lbs 6.5 oz.  She’s 38 weeks today, with her actual due date rapidly approaching.

During rounds, they continue to mention that discharge is close, but we still don’t have an exact day. We will get the results of the MRI tomorrow and Riley will also have her car seat test!  This is huge because this is the final test that all premies must pass before being discharged.  They just put Riley in her car seat for 90 minutes while she’s hooked up to the monitor and make sure that she doesn’t have any b’s or d’s.  If she fails this test, then we just strap her on the roof of our car and hope for the best.  Kidding.  If she doesn’t pass, they may try repositioning her and there is even an option for a car seat bed.  She’s going to pass….this I’m not concerned about.  I’ve secretly been putting her through the test already, she just doesn’t know it:)

Excuse me…What don’t I know??


Riley’s bottle feedings overall went well today.  She’s definitely getting the hang of it, and having less desats.  She didn’t require any oxygen during her feedings with me, but she was pretty sleepy during the one feeding and occasionally she would have one of her “forgetting to breathe” episodes.  However, nothing gets past her ma, so I rubbed her back to get her to breathe again and was able to catch it before the monitor was able to read her dropping, preventing the alarm from going off and her from having a true desat.

Also attempted breast feeding again.  We give it a go before each bottle feeding, and at least always make an attempt.  Let’s just say we’re working on it…I have faith that she’ll get the hang of it and it’s just going to be a slow process.  She didn’t beat me up today, which I appreciated;)

Hehe…wait til tomorrow…

Everybody know what time it is?  No, not tool time.  BATH DAY!!  It might have been the smoothest one yet, except for Riley deciding to take a stinker right in the middle of the first attempt.  After a water change, it was smooth sailing and she loved it!   Not a single fuss out of her, and if she could smile with a purpose I think she would have.  After we were done with the bath, we realized that may have been Riley’s last tub bath in the NICU.  Maybe…hopefully.


Riley’s weigh-in tonight revealed 6 lbs 9.4 oz!!…And it’s all going to her cheeks, chins, and thunder thighs:)



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