Saturday, September 13th – MRI and a sleepy Saturday


No issues overnight – another night of a well-behaved Riley.  Feedings continue to go well, and she hasn’t needed any oxygen.

Riley will get her MRI today at 11am.  Apparently they give Riley the sedation medicine before she goes down for the procedure, given that the machine is loud and they don’t want her moving too much.   She will likely be zonked for a good portion of the afternoon, requiring her to have the nasogastric feeding tube placed again just for administration of the medication and a feeding or two until she’s more alert.  We will learn the results of the MRI some time on Monday following the medical team’s discussion with the radiologist and neurologist.


Riley’s bottle feeding (the only one I gave her today) went awesome!  She hardly needed any pacing and downed all 50cc’s without any d’s or choking.  YAY!  I didn’t attempt nursing today due to timing issues with the MRI (I swear it had nothing to do with the boxing match and pinching ordeal from yesterday) 😉  We will resume that adventure tomorrow.

Today’s post is a short one, because Ian and I will be attending a wedding this afternoon that we’ve very much been looking forward to, as they are good friends of ours.  It will likely be our last shebang before the little one comes home.  As excited as I am to do something “normal” and get out for a bit, I know I’m going to miss my little girl today and will probably worry about her just a bit.  However, Riley and I had a chat this morning during our snuggle time and she promised me she will be on her best behavior.  I sure hope so Riley Mae.  

please don’t leave me

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