Friday, September 12th – Boxing matches, pinching, and splurts


My boppy dance move

Another good night for Riley Mae.  Starting to see a pattern here…a pattern I like very much🙂  Riley continued to rock her feedings overnight and they have not had to place her feeding tube again!  This means she continues to remain free of tubes and tape on her face:)

During morning rounds, I was informed that the MRI was postponed until tomorrow due to being short-staffed, as Riley has to have a nurse accompany her down to the MRI scan.  The attending literally looked at me and said “Wow!” when she heard what an awesome day Riley had yesterday and how many great strides she made in such a short period of time.  The plan is to now also let her eat what she wants to eat, and see how she does, without her being penalized for not finishing a bottle (although that’s hardly ever an issue with the little chunker anyway).  This also means it will be a little easier for me to breast feed, as Riley has gotten to the point where she can likely handle it from a stamina standpoint, and we can try that first and finish with a bottle if need be.  We’re really coming down the home stretch here…


Speaking of trying breast feeding again…we did.  And let’s just say the word “feisty” only begins to explain my daughter.  I’m convinced she’s a little nutty.  The best way I can describe this attempt at breast feeding is comparing it to a boxing match…no joke.  Riley looked like she was attacking me, as if I were a punching bag, and she had those devilish eyes again, and even had a death grip on my hair at one point.  I was literally cracking up at times, which I’m aware is not normal, but I couldn’t help it.  I had almost wished someone else could witness the insanity that was taking place without invading our privacy and ruining that beautiful mother-daughter bond that was so supposed to be happening, but was not…it was youtube quality for sure.  Anyway, it seemed that at times she was doing what she’s supposed to do, and it may have worked.  She did still take some milk from the bottle afterwards, and did really well with it.  So to sum it up…I’m not really sure how this breast feeding thing is supposed to go, but I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to go like that.  Afterwards Riley just looked up at me with a look of “What the heck just happened?”  I just responded to her look by saying “I don’t know what that was Riley Mae.”

Hehe…what do we have here???
What the heck just happened??

Tried to nurse Riley 2 additional times today, and once she was too tired to participate, and the final time she sort of seemed like she was getting the hang of it, but then she decided to use her crazy hands and literally pinched me. Pinched me where her mouth is supposed to be.  That’s when I called it quits:)  Tomorrow is another day.

Right after the nurses changed shifts, the new nurse came in to discuss the next feeding time plan.  Her and I are talking about how well Riley is doing (as she’s familiar with Riley), and the plan for the next feeding session,  and the next thing you know….SPLURT!  A Riley explosion is heard from across the room.  The nurse just gave a sweet little grin and almost blushed, and I kind of yelled at Riley because I felt embarrassed and didn’t know what else to do.  I don’t know why it embarrasses me…it’s not like I did it, and I know deep down Riley can’t control her bodily functions, but it still just feels wrong.  My conversation with the nurse pretty much ended there and she left the room.  Smart girl…

Riley had a really good day today.  All 3 bottle feeds I did with her couldn’t have gone better…no d’s, no choking episodes.  Seems like she’s getting the hang of it, just needs a little pacing because she gets excited to eat.  Who doesn’t??  She also continues to gain weight, and is now up to 6 lbs 5.2 oz.  Another day chubbier, another day stronger:)

Sucking on my bink…now this I know how to do!

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