Tuesday, September 9th – Crying with a purpose…

So I hear summer is almost over…who wants to go boating??

I called in this am to see how Riley’s night was, as I stayed home for the first part of the morning to get some housework done.  Riley’s nurse reported that she had a good night…no d’s or b’s and she got 3 bottle feedings in a row because “she was so awake and alert,” and did well with them.  That a girl!…back on the upswing…

I was anxious to get in to the hospital this morning to see my girl as I was watching her on the nicview camera at home (and maybe even a little when I was stopped at a traffic light) and saw she was really alert around her 10:30 am feeding time.  I got in around 11:30am and she was still very alert.  The minute I got in to her room she looked so darn cute I just had to scoop her up and play with her.  We hung out for awhile, and she looked around but she was frequently looking at me…almost like she was trying to confirm that this lady holding her was in fact her real mom.  She grabbed onto my hair, reached for my mouth and occasionally put her hands on my lips, and stuck her tongue out and smacked her lips together, looking like she was ready to eat again.  I put her back down for a short period of time, and she remained awake up until her next feeding time, which was around 1:30pm.  Well around 1:15pm, I changed her diaper and then I hear this somewhat familiar but also sort of new sound…it wasn’t a fuss, wasn’t a groan….she was crying.  Like a real cry..that thing that full-term babies do.  I laughed a little a first because it was kind of cute, but I also wasn’t sure if I liked it.  She started getting mad, grabbing at her wires and almost attempting to put them in her mouth, and the cry became stronger and louder.  Those 5 minutes waiting for her milk to heat up were some long 5 minutes…for the both of us…

IMG_2028 IMG_2031

Her first feeding session with me went really well.  She of course was eager and ready to go, so I had to help with pacing, but otherwise she did great.  No desats…no choking.  Success!  We snuggled for just a few minutes afterwards and then I put her down.  Just as I swaddled her and walked away from her crib, I hear it again…crying.  Get the heck out of here.  Now what???  She can’t be hungry (or maybe she is and the weight watchers plan is not working) , I just changed her diaper….what else could it be?  I tried daddy’s solution of putting the pacifier in her mouth and she wasn’t having it.  I tried just putting my hand on the back of her head to sooth her….nope.  Still crying.  So I picked her up and put her over my shoulder, and we rocked in the rocking chair, and in about 5 seconds she was out like a light.  Apparently she simply wanted some cuddle time 🙂

I know I haven’t written a daily poop description in awhile, so I figured I’d share one for fun today.  The nurse told me that this morning before I came in, Riley had a “really big poop,” and her eyes got pretty big as she said this.  She continued on saying “I had just changed her and she only had a real small amount of poop in her diaper, and then I turned away and started working on the computer, and I hear this sound, like…” and she was speechless.  So I finished her sentence for her…”an explosion, yes I know…this is what she does” I said.  The nurse described it as being pretty intense, and of course “it was everywhere.”  She was just thankful Riley had a diaper on when it happened, otherwise, we may have had to change rooms again:)

Riley’s 2nd bottle feeding went ok…she actually did a little better in terms of pacing because she was less alert, but by the end, she was apparently a little bit tuckered out and forgot to breathe, dipping down into the 60s and turning blue, requiring mom to get a little aggressive, but coming back up with a little time.  No biggy.  Then she got to snuggle not only with mom, but dad, too:)

IMG_2038 IMG_2037

Ended the night with a weigh in, and it looks like daddy’s weight watcher plan is working…she dropped a bit, and is now at 6 lbs 2.1 oz.  Crying, bottle feeding, and pooping…looks like we’re on the right track…the track taking us homeward bound….



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