Sunday, September 7th – 37 weeks and almost 2 months old!

Oh God…I’m going to be how old tomorrow??

Riley is 37 weeks today…next week she’d technically be considered full-term.  How weird is that??  Wow, did you come early, girlfriend.

Ian and I came in to the hospital a little later today, but we walked in just as they were rounding on Riley.  Nothing new today…second set of vaccines will be given, O2 was weaned again to .02, and continue working on bottle feedings.  Boring stuff…except…

Today is also BATH DAY!!  Woohooo!!  Ian’s mom and sister came to visit and they got the chance to witness the bath.  It’s pretty fun and pretty darn cute (if I can say so myself), although she was a little fussier than she was the last time, making a liar out of Ian and I as we were commenting to Ian’s sister and mom that “she loves her bathes and doesn’t even fuss…”  Well apparently it depends on the day…:)  She was content as ever afterwards, and smelled awesome.  Love bath days.


Had a feeding session with Riley this am, and it went okay.  Wasn’t great, wasn’t terrible…definitely manageable.  She had one little choking episode, but again, she only dipped down into the lower 70s and came back up with some stimulation fairly easily.  As Ian described it to his mom and sister in a very serious manner, she doesn’t really turn “blue so much now that she’s so red after the blood transfusion…it’s more of a purple color.”  Oh Ian…only you.  Anyway, she had 2 other episodes where she just decided to stop breathing, but we caught them early, and with some stimulation and some verbal reminders “Riley…don’t forget to breathe…” she recovered.  Yes, I’m sure it was the stimulation and not the verbal reminders that worked.  However, I have considered writing a children’s book for NICU babies and parents that’s titled “Don’t forget to breathe,” written and illustrated by Brooke Lang.  It will include illustrated pages that provides tips and cues that are important for these little ones who aren’t quite ready for the real world because they snuck in a little early, such as “Don’t forget to breathe when you’re in a deep sleep,” and “Don’t forget when you’re eating, the steps are suck, swallow, and BREATHE…in that order,” and even “Don’t forget to breathe, no matter how comfy you get when you’re in mom and dad’s arms,” and so on.   I’m thinking that maybe through some sort of osmosis or something, these tips will get through to these preemies if their mothers read the book to them daily, and it can be a new form of intervention in the NICU.  I’m seriously thinking about this…please don’t steal my idea:)



I’m acting content to appease my dad…if only he knew this is just a temporary fix…

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful…Riley gained a gram and actually was a little fussy from the vaccines.  It was sorta cute, as she really hasn’t been much of a crier up to this point, and I just watched Ian continuously sticking the pacifier in her mouth, hoping it would keep her quiet and happy…it worked most the time.  Riley did have another b, which again seemed to happen out of the blue and in the absence of a d.  It’s weird and I don’t know why it’s happening.  I think she’s just messing with us.  This is Riley…continuing to keep us on our toes.  

Hehe…totally messing with them;)

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