Saturday, September 6th – No use crying over spilled milk…


So I started out my day with my typical morning pumping session, which occurs while I’m still sitting in bed.  However, this morning’s session was a little unique…I had an accident.  As I was DONE pumping and going to remove the tubing, the one bottle (of course the full bottle, which came from my good side) fell off the connector piece and spilled all over me and the bed.  Nice way to start the day, Brooke.  Thank goodness I’m not hurting for a milk supply:)

Went to my workout class this am and then headed into the hospital to attend rounds.  Riley had a good night, only having 2 d’s, both of which she was able to bring herself out of.  The nurse informed me that Riley did well during her last two bottle feedings as well, and so far, she is not showing any adverse effects from the vaccines.  The doc decided that they will be giving Riley her second set of shots tomorrow (rather than today) to spread them out a little more.  Probably not a bad idea.  The continued goal is getting those bottle feedings down, and otherwise, everything remains the same.

Got milk?

Both bottle feedings went pretty well today.  Riley just needed a little pacing (moreso during the 2nd feeding) because she gets overly eager and greedy and chugs away, forgetting to breathe.  She had a minor choking episode during the initial feeding but recovered pretty quickly…so quickly I almost don’t even want to call it a choking episode.  Daddy held his little girl for awhile afterwards, and they bonded, talking about how they’re going to team up against mom once she gets home.  Typical.


Diaper changes remain the same.  Lots of poop, frequent gas, and daddy jumps every time she produces either of them while we’re in the middle of a diaper change…partially because he’s afraid it’s going to get some on him (God forbid), and partially because it’s so loud it literally scares him.  It’s hysterical, but kinda sad.  We often go through at least 2 if not 3 or 4 diapers in one change because it’s like the never ending production.  We’re never going to be able to stock enough diapers at the rate she’s going…

I’m like my daddy….I don’t like to be rushed…

Overall, today was a great day.  Riley weighed in at 6 lbs 1.2 ounces, and continues to be pretty much unaffected by the vaccinations.  She did end up having another b (bradycardia) into the 70s around 5:15pm, which was shortly after her feeding.  She also had a little desat with it, dipping down into the low 80s.  She did come back up on her own, which is always a good thing.  Oh well…can’t let it ruin an otherwise good day.  No use crying over spilled milk or a little b, right?  It is what it is….and she’s yet another day stronger.    



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