Friday, September 5th – Happy 60th day of life, Riley Mae!


Feedings continue to be a challenge for Riley Mae.  When I came in this am, the nurse informed me she had another low desat during her 5am feeding.  She had been doing well and was pacing herself, and the nurse said “the next thing you know” she turned that “dusky” color and dropped down into the 40s, and required some stimulation to come out of it.  Shortly thereafter, she had another desat into the 50s, unrelated to the feeding.   So in summary, Riley had on and off desats overnight and into this am, some related to feedings, some not.  


During rounds, we discussed Riley’s recent increase in d’s and b’s, and I asked the medical team if they were concerned or felt something might be going on, such as an infection.  They didn’t say “no,” and rather said this is “something we will definitely keep an eye out for” over the next few days.  I also expressed my concerns about Riley receiving the vaccinations with her being a little bit off, but the medical team felt that we should still go ahead with the original plan.  I obviously trust their decision, and believe me, I’d like to get the whole vaccination ordeal over done with.  Finally, we discussed Riley’s continued challenges with feedings, and we decided to switch back to the regular flow nipple (rather than the slow-flow) given that the slow-flow bottle isn’t really helping to eliminate her choking episodes or desats, and it seems to tire her out more than the other.  We’ll see what happens…

So I gave it a go during her 11:00am feeding, and overall, it went pretty well.  Riley had one little choking episode, but only dropped to the upper 70’s and came back a little easier than she has been lately (which I was quite appreciative of).  She downed the bottle in about 10 minutes and appeared eager for more after she was done.  Now that’s the Riley I know and love!!  Back to being a little animal:)

Where’s the rest??

After this feeding, I felt good.  I held Riley on my shoulder for a short while after a few good burps, and she just stared into my eyes (and the side of my head), looking at me with that look…the look that reminded me “You know I’m going to be fine, right?” and almost a look that said “I’m sorry for being so difficult at such an early stage in my life, mom”…(probably less likely, I know).  I’m starting to think that she’s just trying to avoid going into that time-out chair as soon as she gets home, as this has been my ongoing threat to her since the day she was born.   You can try all you want, Riley Mae, but you are going to be spending some quality time in that chair…I sure hope it’s comfortable:)

Riley received her vaccinations (DTap, Polio, and Hep B) before her 2:00pm feeding.  Several hours following the vaccinations, she was doing well…maybe a little more lethargic than the usual, but other than that, she was acting like her usual self.


Riley’s weigh-in was a big one tonight – 6 lbs .6 oz!!  Then I realized…our kid is 6 lbs .6 oz on her 60th day of life.  I’ve been joking around that for her first Halloween, we’re going to dress her as the devil, and after today I’m starting to wonder if that’s not absolutely appropriate for her:)    

All I need are some horns…

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