Wednesday, September 3rd – A new day, a new tude…


Woke up today feeling a little better about things.  I came to the realization that although Riley is going to have a lot going on over the next few days, she’s going to be just fine.  I need to remember what she’s overcome thus far and not forget that this is Riley we’re talking about here…our little fighter🙂

Just chillin…

Riley had a good night…no d’s or b’s, and the feedings apparently went better per the nurse.  The evening nurse decided to try a slow-flow nipple, which she felt helped Riley and eliminated the choking episodes.  Sounds like a great idea to me.  During rounds, the plan is the same, and the medical team feels that over the next few days, we need to do whatever works for Riley (in terms of her O2 levels and feedings) because she’s going to have a lot going on.  Tomorrow she has her repeat eye exam (done every 2 weeks), which can often wear these kids out, and then she gets half of her vaccines on Friday and the other half on Saturday.  We need to take it one thing at a time, one day a time….the usual.

Riley seemed more like herself today, and was occasionally awake and alert, looking like she’s ready to party  (or pull out her nasal cannula…the next best thing).  Back to the old Riley and not so sleepy.  

Ready for the bottle today…

Her and I had two bottle feeding sessions together today, both of which we used the slow-flow nipple.  During the initial session, I had to help Riley pace in the beginning (by pulling the bottle from her mouth), but then she got into a rhythm.  She almost made it through without any incidents, and then with about 10cc’s remaining, she decided to choke.  She definitely came out of this one a little better, a little quicker, than yesterday.  We went back to it and she choked again.  Same thing, needing some stimulation to clear it and recoup.  However, we were able to finish the bottle and got a few good manly belches out after it was all over.  During the 2nd feeding, Riley started out awesome, and even midway through, she maintained a good rhythm and didn’t have any issues.  Her feedings are definitely taking her longer with this slow-flow nipple (which isn’t surprising), and after about 20 minutes with 25 cc’s remaining, she decided she had enough.  She started gagging and pushed the nipple away with her tongue.  Fair enough.  It is what it is…the remainder of the feeding was given to her through the tube.  A little better today…we’ll get there.

IMG_1881 IMG_1875

Another confirmation that Riley was back to her old self today…the amount of diaper explosions.  Holy heck!!  She’s seriously out of control…I sadly sort of wish I could get it on video and post it on this blog, because it’s quite impressive.  She went through several diapers several times during several changes today.  During one of the explosions, the nurse (who was actually across the room) sort of jumped and said “Oh my heavens!”  She was impressed with my skills at being able to keep that explosion contained, in the diaper, as she “was sure that one would have shot everywhere.” Yea I know…I’ve had experience with this once or twice:)  

But I don’t want another bath!!

Good thing it’s Wednesday, Riley Mae….because it’s BATH DAY!!  Ian and I double teamed her again today, but it went much smoother.  We switched roles, so I held her and Ian scrubbed her down.  She absolutely LOVES the tub baths.  It’s really cute.  Except when she decides to tinkle as soon as she gets in the water, requiring us to change her bath water before we even get started.  Typical Riley…making things a little more complicated than they really need to be.  She smelled like a new little woman and was completely content after it was all over:)  Love bath day.  Can’t wait until we get her home and we can make any day we want bath day…imagine that.      

Oh my God…I love this new tub bath thing!!!



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