Monday, September 1st – Happy Labor Day!!…and belated birthday, Ian.


I went into the hospital this am while Ian stayed at the house to start our crazy cleaning extravaganza, in preparation for Riley’s arrival.  Riley was wide awake again this am, and I just had to grab her and snuggle with her for a bit as soon as I got in there…couldn’t resist.  I saw on the white board she was up to 5 lbs 11.3 oz, which is closer to what she had beenbefore her transfusion (5 lbs 12.3 oz).  The nurse came in shortly after I arrived and informed me that Riley didn’t have any desats overnight (not a single one!!!) and has been doing awesome with her bottle feeds.  She told me that she “inhaled” her 8am feeding, without any alarms (requiring a little pacing in the beginning), and she looked like she wanted more when the bottle was empty.  Such an animal you are, Riley Mae!  Sure explains those chubby cheeks:)


During rounds, the medical team discussed that Riley continues to do well with her feedings, and it was time to increase her bottle feeds to every session.  This means that every 3 hours she gets a bottle of 50 cc’s, no more tube feedings, and lets see how it goes.  If she tolerates this well, they can pull her feeding tube, which will also likely help with her reflux.  The nurse also was able to wean Riley down to .02 liters of O2 this am, which is the last step before they completely remove all O2.  Holy heck!!  We’re really coming down the home stretch here.  Speaking of that…the nurse practitioner said at the end of rounds today that “we’re getting her ready to go home.”  That left me no choice but to ask if they had any estimate in terms of when they think this may happen…is it in a few days, a few weeks, what are they thinking?  I’m a planner and given that all my planning thus far has pretty much gone out the window thanks to Riley’s unexpected arrival, I figured maybe we could at least feel somewhat prepared for her arrival home.  After doing the math, they figured about a week.  Wow.  In about a week, Riley may finally be coming home with us.  This is huge.  They did mention the big thing is getting her initial vaccinations, which typically occur on the 60th day of life (she is currently at 56).  Sometimes these kiddos have trouble after receiving these vaccines and they would like to keep Riley on the monitor for a day or two following these vaccines to make sure she doesn’t have any setbacks.  I’m in absolute agreement.  Otherwise, if everything continues to go as planned and the bottle feeds continue to go well, she’ll be on her way!  YAY!!

No more pics mom!!
Seriously, enough ma.

I stopped at home for lunch and brought daddy back with me.  Before her afternoon feeding, we went to change Riley.  As soon as Riley was un-swaddled, the scent of a Riley explosion took over.  It was awful.  I decided it was time for Ian to change his first poopy diaper in its entirety.  If we’re bringing this kiddo home in a week, then he needs to buck up and get through it.  Hold your breath, buy a mask, whatever you gotta do, buddy.  So he didn’t argue…and he went for it.  Well this was Riley’s worst one yet.  It went all the way up her back, and it was so bad that we had to strip her naked, because her onesie was also covered in it.  Good God girlfriend.  Ian tries to tell her “Honey, girls aren’t supposed to poop,” as the nurse sort of laughs but also seemed a bit concerned by Ian’s weird humor.  We basically had to give the girl another sponge bath to get her clean.


I gave Riley two bottles today.  Her first feeding went really well.  She needed some pacing in the beginning, but after the initial minute or so, she got into the groove and downed the bottle without any trouble.  However, during her second feeding, it was almost like she wasn’t ready for it, despite being pretty alert, and the initial sip went down the wrong pipe.  She coughed but continued to chug, and I pulled the bottle from her right away.  However, it took her some time to recoup, and she definitely stopped breathing for a short period of time, causing her to change that grayish-blue color.  Her coloring and oxygen saturation levels returned with a little stimulation from mom.  I’m starting to get used to this sadly, but this I feel I can handle.  It’s predictable, I can see it coming, and I know what works to get her out of it.  If this continues to happen once in awhile when we’re at home, we’ll be okay.

Ian and I headed home a bit early to get some more things done around the house.  We installed Riley’s car seat base and continued the cleaning process.  I also finally cooked Ian a birthday dinner (only a month and a half late), which consisted of his usual 3-course meal.  Better late than never, right??  We had a nice evening and I think we’re both getting pretty excited about the thought of bringing our little one home soon.  Another day stronger, Riley Mae.  Keep up the good work!!


Ian and I called in to check on Riley before we went to bed.  She was continuing to do great…she dropped a little weight (down to 5 lb 11 oz), tolerating her feedings, no d’s, and pooped on another onesie.  That’s our girl:)


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