Sunday, August 31st – 36 weeks and getting close…


Ian and I both attended rounds again this am.  The medical team is very happy with RIley’s continued progress.  They weren’t at all concerned about Riley’s weight loss, and they mentioned that they “expected this to happen with the blood transfusion,” and that once she gets the oral feeds down “she’ll be ready to go.”  Ready to what???  Like as in go home?  With us?  Ian and I were kind of speechless…we said nothing, asked nothing.  We got back to Riley’s room and looked at each other in shock, surprise, and excitement, asking “Did you hear what I just heard?”  Then we started talking about all the things that need to be done before Riley is allowed out of this place…it was quite the list…

Say what??? They trust you two to take me home soon??

Riley got her first tub bath today.  Mom and dad had to adjust to the new situation, so just as we had gotten pretty good at the whole bath thing, today we looked like new clueless parents again…feeling sort of awkward and questioning if we really got Riley as clean as we should have by the end.  Riley enjoyed the heck out of it, or so we think, as she didn’t cry or fuss at all except when we had to take those darn sticky leads off her belly and chest before we got started.  She hates that part…so do we.  It feels like we’re torturing our child and we just apologize to her over and over again…as if that helps lessen her pain.  Poor peanut.

A post bath stretch…


We did another bottle feeding early afternoon, and Riley continues to get better and better each time.  She wasn’t even overly alert (which is when she typically does her best), and I only needed to pull the bottle from her once in the very beginning of the feeding, as she got carried away and was chugging and chugging, and not breathing.  Otherwise, she rocked it and didn’t have any alarms.  She had a few good burps and took a little nap on mommy’s shoulder afterwards:)

IMG_1829 IMG_1826

During the next feeding, I attempted breast feeding again.  I have to admit the whole process is a bit awkward, as I’m still having the nurses help me on occasion, which involves examining my body parts, talking about them, and then manipulating them so Riley and I get a good connection.   I know it’s a natural process, and maybe I just need to grow up.  But it just feels weird.  Anyway, Riley again was able to latch with a little assistance, and although she seemed to begin sucking a little bit today, it didn’t really go anywhere and then she decided to just take a nap in the comfy position she was placed in.  Oh well.  I’m ok with this.  It’s still a step in the right direction and we will not give up.  Slowly but surelywe will get the hang of it…



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