Saturday, August 30th – A positive change in color…and a record explosion!

Oy, what a night!
Check out my rosy cheeks:)

Ian and I called in late last night to see how the blood transfusion went.  The nurse informed us that Riley was on the last 15 minutes of the 2nd transfusion, and everything has been going fine.  Riley had several “huge poops” for the nurse (shocker), and weighed 5 lbs 12.3 ounces before they started the transfusions.  Nice work, Riley Mae.

Ian and I attended rounds this am, and Riley’s hemocrit levels have already come up closer to where they should be.  No other changes were made during rounds, except they gave the go ahead to begin feedings again, beginning with 30cc’s through the tube, and then increasing to her previous amount of 50cc’s and allowing for oral feedings once her system has a little time to readjust.  Riley did have 2 b’s and d’s overnight, which are likely due to some of the trauma and overstimulation she experienced yesterday with the whole blood transfusion.


We noticed a definite color change in Riley (a positive one) when we first saw her today, appearing more pink and almost like she had been in the sun for a bit.  We didn’t realize how pale she’s been until we now see her with the coloring she’s supposed to have…hope that doesn’t make us bad parents.  She was pretty sleepy most the day today, so we just spent a lot of time watching the princess rest, being thankful that everything went smoothly with the blood transfusion.  Until….

sleeping the day away…

Ian was standing by her bed, observing her sleep and talking to her a bit, and I was sitting in the corner of her room, and we both hear the “Riley explosion.”  Ian looked at me with a look of surprise that immediately went to a “I know exactly what that was oh god it can’t be true…” look, and I just started laughing.  Ian still has not gotten any better at the poopy diaper changes, as he makes an attempt to help, but has to put his shirt over his nose so he can get through it.   It’s pretty pathetic.  I have to say this explosion was one of her worst yet, and I almost hid my face in my shirt along with Ian, but I was able to hang tough:)  As we were revealing the findings, Riley started to tinkle, making an even bigger mess for us to clean up.  The best part about this was I made Ian pull the diaper back out of the garbage can so we could check the color of her stool again to make sure we reported it accurately to the nurse.  Hehe.  It’s part of the desensitization process, right??  

After a pretty uneventful day (which again, not complaining), we had decided to try a bottle with Riley during her 4:30pm feeding since she was awake and appeared pretty alert.  This feeding was also back to her prior amount of 50 cc’s, so we figured we’d see what our girl could do.  Well, she didn’t miss a beat and downed the bottle in less than 10 minutes without having any alarms.  I had to occasionally pull the bottle from her because she was so darn excited to be eating again, but she rocked it!  Why am I not surprised???  She continues to amaze us…one day stronger, Riley Mae.  And one more feeding closer to home…

Mom’s happy I behaved during my feeding…
So happy to have my binky friend back!



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