Thursday, August 28th – A day of feedings….and say “no” to ice cream

IMG_1775 IMG_1754

Riley had a good night, which I was able to find out this morning as soon as I woke up when I logged onto the nicview camera and saw another note (by a different nurse) telling us that Riley was wide awake at 2am, had a record timed bottle feeding without any alarms, and got to have a little bonding time with the nurse.  Good girl, Riley.  Now if only you could behave like this a little more around the dinner time shift before mommy and daddy leave you for the night.  I know…this is only the beginning.  That’s what people keep telling us.  “Wait until she’s 16” they say.  I can only imagine…


Hehe…mom and dad have no idea what they’re in for…

No changes during rounds, with the continued goal of increasing oral feeds so they can eventually pull that feeding tube.  We’re working on it.  Riley also only had one desat overnight, which dipped into the 70s, but she came back on her own.  That’s a huge improvement!

I did a bottle feeding with her this am, and it definitely seems to be getting a little better each time.  It took her a little while to get into the groove, but about halfway through today, she got the hang of it and did great!  She was more alert during the 2nd half of the feeding, which certainly helps.  She had two episodes of choking, which were similar to the other night, but she was able to cough some of it out this time and was able to catch her breath a little quicker than the last time, turning only a dusky color, not blue.  That sounds horrible, doesn’t it?  Never thought I’d be describing my daughters’ feeding sessions based on her color changes…she’s like one of those darn mood rings, changing colors depending on the time of day, what the weather is like, the amount of oxygen she’s receiving, how much she refluxes, whether she feels like breathing or not, etc…  

We snuggled a bunch this morning, and I took a break to go to lunch with a friend, and when I came back it was feeding time again.  I decided to attempt breast feeding again, and then we’d give Riley the majority of her food through the tube.  She latched on again today, which was great.  YAY!   But then that was it.  She latched on and kind of hung out, either staring at me awkwardly like “Ok ma, I got this step, now what,” or just sleeping soundly, enjoying this new position.  Anyway, I’m not complaining…this is a big step and I’m hopeful she will eventually be able to breast feed so I can un-rent this annoying yellow pump that I hang out with WAYYYY too often.  Speaking of that…I’m apparently a “good cow,” which believe it or not is a compliment.  I have been producing quite a supply of milk, so much so that Ian and I have sadly considered investing in a deep freezer to store it, as half our freezer contains breast milk only.  We can’t even make a Costco trip because we have nowhere to put the fun food items I know we would buy:(

Our freezer…so sad.


Warning: Ian has considered making ice cream out of the leftovers…so please never accept a scoop of ice cream from him if he offers;)

My new favorite position…although sometimes I get too comfy with ma and forget that whole “breathing” thing.


So I thought Riley had maybe produced a present for me during the whole “breast feeding attempt,” as I smelled something, and I knew it wasn’t me.  And no, I wasn’t just trying to blame it on my child.  Not this time anyway.  However, she made a liar out of me as I went to change her and there was nothing.  Must have just been gas.  Well apparently it was gas that was a precursor of the disaster that was on its way.  She pushed so hard that she refluxed 15 cc’s back up into her syringe and had another explosion.  I texted this information to Ian, as I like to keep him informed and update him with important events during the day, and he wrote back “Jesus. She is gross.”  Not very nice to say that about your daughter, Ian.  Poor, Riley.  

IMG_1772 IMG_1767 

Ended my shift at the hospital with Riley rocking a bottle feeding, downing it in 10 minutes with no alarms, and I only needed to pull it away from her once!!  She seems to be getting the hang of it…:)



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