Wednesday, August 27th – A bath and an explosion…


Despite acting up before leaving last night, Riley had a good night.  She even had a successful bottle feeding with the nurse at 11:00pm.  Maybe it was just a fluke…or maybe not…

As soon as I came in this am, the nurse was getting a bottle ready for Riley and asked if I wanted to feed her.  I said sure, although I felt a little more nervous today after what happened yesterday.  However, I thought today is a new day, so lets give it a whirl.  She ended up doing ok, not great.  She definitely showed an interest in feeding, as she chugged away.  The problem was that whole breathing thing that’s supposed to be happening while she’s feeding…she would keep forgetting, despite my verbal cues “Riley, don’t you forget to breathe,” and “Hey, take a breather,” she would just chug away.  Apparently, she’s already not listening to her mother.  So I ended up pulling the bottle from her about 8-10 times during the 15 minute feeding to prevent a desat.  So technically, she never desatted, but it’s because I had to prevent them from happening by pulling the bottle out of her mouth.  I have to say that by the very end, she started to get the hang of it, and was actually sucking, breathing, and swallowing with a little bit of coordination.  She’ll get it…it’s just a slow process…

Rounds were uneventful.  No changes and the big goal is to increase bottle feedings.

Today is BATH DAY!!!  I love bath day.  I think I love it for a variety of reasons…the bonding time, the fuzzy hair, she smells good, new bedding and blankets and clothes…all that good stuff.  I was on my own today, but it went pretty well overall.  I didn’t tick her off too much, although I’m really looking forward to when we can actually get her in a tub.  These washcloth baths just aren’t cutting it…

Naked baby alert!


Riley’s nurse, who is also a lactation consultant, asked if I wanted to try breast feeding a little with Riley today, as I told her I’m interested in trying some time soon, but I don’t want to do too much at once and push Riley over the edge.  She thought it would be a good idea to introduce Riley to the whole process, and so we gave it a go during her next feeding.  I have to say that I always sort of thought you just throw your kid in that general direction and they will latch on and then bam…you’re breastfeeding.  There’s supposed to be a natural instinct, right?  Wrong.  There’s this whole art to it apparently, and it’s all about positioning, and the way her lips need to be, and what your nipples look like…Ok I’ll stop.   Anyway, the nurse talked me through it, and told me not to expect much on this first try, but Riley actually latched on, which apparently is a huge success, especially when you’re dealing with this population.  There ya go Riley Mae!  Way to earn some of your love back after last nights’ shenanigans….

Fuzzy hair and a cute onesie…hoping this wins my daddy’s love back after what I pulled last night…
Hmmm…bottle or breast?

So I went home today for a few hours to work more on Riley’s nursery and clean the house a bit.  Ian and I came back together around dinner time, and the nurse informed us that Riley had a “major explosion” before her 2:00pm feeding time, and it went “everywhere.”  I see Riley’s blanket and onesie in the plastic bag hanging from her crib, which is the “mom needs to wash” bag.  Really, Riley?  On bath day?  You couldn’t keep yourself clean for just one day??  

The remainder of Riley’s night was similar to the previous.  She had a few d’s, and also had a b, requiring an increase in oxygen and some stimulation at times.  It all comes down to that one thing…remembering to breathe.  What we take for granted.    I think Ian and I have felt sort of down about Riley’s progress the past couple days because she was on such an upswing there for awhile, and as Ian appropriately put it, “we got too high.”  We need to remember there are ups and downs, and Riley is still young.  She’s still supposed to be growing inside of me for another 4 1/2 weeks.  However, she is here, making her presence known with squeaks, grunts, cute poses, and diaper explosions…and she is another day stronger.



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