Sunday, August 24th – 35 weeks…Bottle, Bath, and CPR class

Dreaming about that bath I’ll be getting later…not happy about it.


Riley is 35 weeks today!  Came into the hospital usual time this am while Ian stayed at home to get some things done around the house.  Riley looked like she grew overnight, and had a few smiles for me when I walked in and asked how her night was.  The nurse informed me that Riley had a good night, only having 2 desats, which went into the 30s-40s, causing a bit of a color change and requiring slight stimulation.  The nurse also attempted bottle feeding at the 1:30am feeding time, but Riley only took 15 cc’s.  

During morning rounds,  the med team expressed that they are pleased with how Riley (introduced as “the tv star”) is doing on this new O2 system and they appeared surprised at how far they were able to wean her yesterday.  They bumped up her feedings to 47 cc’s, and encouraged continued oral feedings 1-2 times a day, as tolerated.   On the right track….the track heading towards home…

Sure feels good to be free from the swaddle…

I arranged with the nurse to attempt bottle feeding again today at 10:30am, as Ian and I planned to give her a bath this afternoon, and we didn’t want those two things happening too close together, as it might wear her out.  I was a little fearful that today’s feeding wouldn’t go as well as yesterday, as Riley was less alert than she had been during the previous feeds.  She started off slow, initially just holding the nipple in her mouth and not really doing much with it, but then as soon as she realized what was going on…it was go time!  The girl chugged 45 cc’s in no more than 12 minutes, and didn’t have a single desat!  She took occasional breaks on her own to allow herself to catch her breath, but the fact that she’s knowing enough to do this and is tolerating her feedings this well is quite amazing.  I kept encouraging her and telling her that “this is getting us closer to home” and bribed her a bit, saying “don’t you want to see your new room with all the fun toys and clothes?”  She knew….she chugged faster…   


Riley finally got her much needed bath today.  Ian and I are really starting to get the hang of the whole process, and we were able to keep Riley’s crying to a minimum, which in my mind, is a success.  I can only imagine how easy it’s going to feel when we have her home and don’t have to remove lead stickers or disconnect her from the monitor, and can bathe her in an actual tub.  Soon enough…

Where’d I go?
There I am!
My post-bath fuzzy hairdo…

Ian and I ended our day by attending an infant CPR class that was offered at the hospital.  If it were our pre-Riley life and we were taking this course, I could see Ian and I making occasional jokes or messing around a bit during this class.  However, this 2-hour class was no laughing matter.  We’re well aware that we need to make sure we know what to do if God forbid we ever need to perform these skills on our daughter.  We also learned about car seat safety and the risk of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) in these kiddos.  This whole course was really an eye-opener, and Ian and I were very glad we attended, feeling like the class should be mandatory for parents before leaving the NICU.  These 2 hours put me right back on that roller coaster ride, as I’m becoming more excited about the reality of Riley coming home and feel more confident in my ability to handle an emergency situation, but am also feeling very afraid of the possibility of having to apply these skills and learning about the risk and potential consequences of RSV, and what we as parents are going to have to do to prevent Riley from getting it (avoid public places and crowds, limit visitors, obsessive hand-washing and sanitizing, etc.).  The instructor informed us that the “RSV” season goes from October into the spring here in Pittsburgh.  Great.  So when Riley is finally released into the real world, we’re going to have to isolate her from it in order to keep her safe and healthy.  This further confirmed that our ongoing concerns about Riley’s health and well-being are far from being resolved once we bring this little one home…

Anyway…Riley started off week 35 with a bang.  She only had a single desat all day, and tha’ts with a bottle feeding and a bath, and she continues to grow, weighing 5 lb 5oz., and is 18 inches in length!

One more snap dad…you got it.
I may be restrained again, but I’m definitely digging this new hat…



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