Wednesday, August 20th – A BIG day…

Notice anything different???

Got in around 8, and started the morning off snuggling with my girl. The nurse reported Riley had a good night, only having one d into the 30s, requiring some stimulation.  Rounds happened early today, and much to my surprise, big changes taking place today.  The nurse practitioner felt its time for us to try Riley on the regular O2 cannula again (which means taking her off the CPAP), so that she can begin oral feeds.  Woah…wasn’t mentally prepared for this today.  Feelings of both excitement and anxiety take over….excited that I will get to see more of her face, begin bottle and breast feeding, and take another big step in Riley’s recovery, closer to that big move home…anxious about more alarms as Riley adjusts to less oxygen requirements and not wanting to get too excited about something that may be taken away from us…again.

Riley’s nurse was the same as yesterday.  When she had introduced herself to me yesterday, she started by saying “I’m not sure if you remember me…” and before she could continue any further, I interrupted her and said “Oh, I absolutely remember you,” and explained and admitted to her that I’ve had sort of a negative association with her because she is the nurse who came running down the hallway to meet Ian and I before we even reached the doors of the NICU the night of Riley’s pulmonary hemorrhage, appearing in distress and nearly in tears.  I will NEVER forget that look on her facethat look of fear and potential devastation.  She also informed me she will “never forget that night,” but hopes that I can start associating her with positive things.   Here’s another nurse who has formed quite a special bond with our little girl,  as she saw Riley on the absolute worst night of her life, during her weakest moment, and now is getting to see her transition to a regular nasal cannula, a huge step in the right direction towards recovery.  This nurse frequently gives Riley hugs and calls her “butter bean,” threatening Riley’s BFF nurse that she has some competition…

IMG_1542     IMG_1543

Riley got another chance at fame today…I was asked to participate in another short interview, as they wanted to feature the Savor charity event again tomorrow on the WTAE news station.  Little did I know that this story was going to be so focused on our story and Riley’s progress and ongoing recovery.  As soon as this kid can write her name, look out…that autograph line is going to be out of control;)


Riley overall had a pretty good day today.  We decided to skip the bath since she already had one major change to adjust to today, and sometimes a bath alone can wipe these little ones out.  She definitely had an increase in d’s, and had an infrequent b or two, as she tries to adjust to the CPAP withdrawal, but overall, Riley held her own.  I continued to hold her during her feedings, and the plan is to begin oral feeds over the next day or two, after Riley has some more time to adjust before introducing another big change.  Keep it going little (but chubby) one!!  Another day stronger….

Thinking about sucking on my thumb…but not quite sure how this works yet…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 20th – A BIG day…

  1. Hi Brooke, Ian, and Riley! I’m not sure that you will remember me, but I will never forget your family. My name is Lyndsay and I am one of the OBICU nurses that helped to bring Miss Riley Mae into the world. Brooke, I remember taking your hand, telling you to push, and hearing that beautiful little cry. And then a few short days later, bumping into Ian in the hallway and asking how things were and not being prepared for what I would hear. I have to say, I went back upstairs and cried for you guys. I found the blog from the WTAE article. I am so happy that Riley continues to improve. You are all in my thoughts often. And like I said, even if you don’t remember me, you guys are one of the ones I will never forget. Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂


    • Hi Lyndsay –
      I absolutely remember you! As crazy of a delivery as that was, I remember you clear as day because you helped so much to keep me calm and focused. Riley definitely had a rough start, which threw us off because she was doing so well right after birth, but she’s certainly showed us what a fighter she is and she continues to make progress everyday. Thanks so much for sending us your kind thoughts, and you are also someone I will never forget. Thanks for all you did for us that day. It’s more than you know.


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