Tuesday, August 19th – 6 weeks old and on her way to fame…

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This morning started out a little different than the usual.  Last week, I agreed to participate in an interview featuring a charity event (Savor) being held here in Pittsburgh this week, where 100% of the proceeds go to the Magee Women’s Foundation, raising money for research on premature births and for the nicview cameras that I often refer to in my blog.  Ian has been playing the role of the “interviewer” all week, trying to prepare me for today.  I often just let him role play, get a kick out of himself, and wouldn’t respond to his questions.  Anyway, I went on the show today to discuss my experience with the nicview cameras, and also tell a little bit about Riley and how she’s doing.  The news station also shared several pictures depicting Riley’s growth and progress from birth until now.  This little girl is already famous! 

Please…keep the paparazzi away…I’m trying to get my rest.

While I was waiting for the interview, I called in to check on Riley.  The nurse started off by saying “Well, for the most part, Riley has been doing really great.”  The “been doing really great” part sort of disappeared from my head too quickly to acknowledge or process it, and so I asked without hesitation “What’s the ‘for the most part’ about?”  The nurse explained that around 5:30am, Riley had a bad episode of reflux and spit up” (and likely aspirated some of her vomit) causing her oxygen and heart rate to drop (a d and a b) pretty low.  She needed a good amount of stimulation and we had to bag her.”  I made the mistake of asking what “pretty low” meant, too.  Her oxygen saturation level was down to 5% (remember, this is the number that is supposed to be 87-100%.  Good God, Riley…you’re getting too old for this stuff.  Enough already!  For some reason, that never gets easier to hear…when they tell me they “had to bag her.”  It serves as this unwelcome reminder that she’s still medically fragile, and anything can happen at anytime.  I also can’t help but think…what if we were at home and this sort of thing happened…would I be giving my own daughter CPR? Will that be happening at home, or do they not let her leave here until they know she’s in the clear?  If she’s not on a monitor, the only way I can tell if she’s having a b or a d is by her color change…so would I have to watch her at all times, which we know is not physically possible or mentally healthy?   Scary, anxiety-provoking thoughts…but lets stay focused on the positive…


Riley otherwise did not have any alarms from 11pm last night until 11am.  This is really great for her.  She also had such a good day yesterday.  She’s on the right track.  I didn’t miss anything during rounds, except they are increasing Riley’s feeds from 40 cc’s to 43 cc’s.  She’s going to be so fat!  I’m allowed to say that, right?  I feel like it’s okay to call your baby fat…at least up until a certain age…before she’s able to process what I’m saying and have a complex.  I think…

Ironically, the big weigh in tonight revealed a weight loss of 55 grams, meaning she’s down to 4 lbs, 10.4 oz.  Shoot, maybe she heard me…

What did you say, mom?

I haven’t been holding Riley during her feedings, as this is when she tends to desat, so we’ve been avoiding using that time as our bonding time.  However, today, the nurse suggested we try again.  So she hung her feeding on the chair while I held her, and she sucked like crazy on the pacifier.  Again, the purpose of this is so that she starts to associate the sucking with that feeling of fullness in her belly, which is good for development and for when we actually start orally feeding her.  She rocked it.  It was so fun..I almost felt like I was giving her a bottle (as weird as that may sound).  Then daddy walked in to watch the 2nd half of the feeding, and commented “She looks extra cute for some reason today.”  I then told him that I felt “she looks more like you than ever today.”  Without skipping a beat he responded “Well maybe that’s why she looks extra cute to me today.”  Riley, I can only hope that you’re half as modest as your father one day…

Being famous is hard work…



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