Monday, August 18th – Smooshed head and poops the size of a baseball….

Is it really Monday again already??


Ironically, Riley only had diapers containing #1 for Ian and I yesterday, which was a bit strange, but knowing what had come out of her the day prior, I wasn’t concerned.  Ian mentioned the word “constipation” and questioned it….I laughed and reassured him that our daughter is anything BUT constipated.  However, he still seemed a bit uneasy.  So my job this am was to find out what happened over night, making sure Riley in fact was going to the bathroom ok. “Oh yea…BIG, HUGE poop this morning,” says the nurse.  “And she had several stools overnight,” she continued.  This nurse also felt the need to show me the amount with her hands, cupping her hands to the size of a baseball.  Good God Riley Mae!  Where does it all come from?!?

Riley had another good night, only having 2 d’s, dropping into the 30s, requiring some stimulation and a slight oxygen boost to bounce back.  No b’s overnight.  The nurse also mentioned that she noticed Riley had these indentations along both sides of her head, thinking initially it might be edema (swelling), but then she realized it was in the exact spot where her chin strap was positioned (that darn head piece that makes her look like a miniature football player..tis the season I guess). So she changed the position of the strap and asked the nurse practitioner to take a look and make sure she didn’t have any concerns.  It was later confirmed and the head dents are in fact related to the decorative chin strap…

Still dishing out the angry looks…

Rounds were again uneventful.  The docs switched rotations, so Riley now has a new doctor (for the next month).  They’re keeping the feedings the same given that Riley has clearly had no trouble packing on the ounces, and they’re going to keep her CPAP settings the same given that she continues to have the lower desats.  No changes…just continuing to give the peanut more time to grow…

Speaking of growing…guess who gained yet again! Now I weigh 4 lbs 12.4 oz!! Go me!


Riley and I hung out and snuggled quite a bit today, and the amount of kisses she’s been getting from mom might be illegal.  I can’t help it.  She overall had a great day…didn’t have any alarms (no b’s or d’s) as of 3:30pm today.  Then, like clockwork, it was approaching that time of the day, and she had a b and d together, causing her to have minor color changes and needing some stimulation and an oxygen boost.  She had a nice long streak without any alarms today…it was quite peaceful.   I wouldn’t mind having that happen a little more often…

IMG_1464 IMG_1490 IMG_1467 


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