Sunday, August 17th – Big gains at 34 weeks…


Ian and I spent the morning at home, getting things done around the house.  I called in when I woke up, and the nurse reported “Riley is doing great, and is on room air.”  She only had a few d’s overnight, no b’s, and she was tolerating her feedings.  No changes during rounds.  

We came in to the hospital a little before lunch time.  Ian decided that today was the day he felt ready to hold his little one again.  He looked like a natural, but I had to yell at him to stop continuously staring at the monitor, looking like he was waiting for something bad to happen.  And then Riley did in fact act up a bit after about 15 minutes, beginning to desat and almost having a b, and I hear “Ok, I’m done.”  Riley and daddy at least got a little bit of good bonding time in today:)  


Sunday = bath day. Mom and dad double teamed Riley.  She didn’t hate it, didn’t like it…her feelings were somewhere in between today.  Daddy showed off his onesie skills, although this time he had a bit of an advantage…

Help me mommy!


The rest of the afternoon was fairly uneventful, although Riley did have a d and a b, requiring some stimulation and an oxygen boost to recover.  Otherwise, she continued on room air most the day and did pretty well.  The thing about these b’s and d’s is that Riley will likely continue to have them for a little while yet, and it’s not so much related to her oxygen levels as it is that she still just needs time to grow and to get to that point where she doesn’t need help and reminders to breathe.  Time is all she needs…time to grow.  Patience is what we need.  One day at a time…

The big weigh in tonight revealed a gain of 3 oz!!  Riley went from being 4 lb 9 oz yesterday to 4 lb 12 oz today.  Almost 5 lbs!!  The nurses also measure height on Sundays, and she’s about 17 inches long.  My pregnancy app tells me she’s right on track to where she would be if she were still growing inside of me…between 17.2 – 18.7 inches long and 4.2 – 5.8 lbs.  Keep on growing girlfriend!  

Really?…Another weigh in??


I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that when Ian and I were talking to Riley’s nurse last night, she informed us that she had helped out during Riley’s exchange transfusion (a week into her life), when her bilirubin numbers were dangerously high.  It was the last time she had seen Riley and was amazed at “how good she looks” and “how big she’s gotten.”  She told us that when she walked into Riley’s room that day of the exchange transfusion, and saw how small Riley was, she looked at the doctor and said, “Really? You sure you want to do this?”  This nurse told us that she’s been here 34 years and she’s never participated in an exchange transfusion on as tiny a baby as Riley was at that time, and she reminded us that “She really is a miracle baby.”  This discussion really brought us back to those initial couple of weeks in Riley’s life…that time that was so touch and go, living minute to minute, hour to hour, not knowing if our child was even going to survive.  You continue to amaze us everyday Riley Mae…you truly are such a miracle, such a fighter, and you were obviously brought here on this earth to do some amazing things, we just know it!  34 weeks and another day stronger…



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