Saturday, August 16th – Baby steps…


August 16th…that date rings a bell in my head for some reason.  Why does that sound familiar?  Oh right…my baby shower.  My mom was supposed to be throwing my baby shower for me today.  Who knew when we set that date that Riley would already be here…and would be here for 40 days.  Crazy.

Woke up and went to my exercise class this am for the first time in awhile.  It felt really good, as exercise has always been my release, but I also caught myself feeling guilty at times and thinking about Riley often…feeling like I should be with her.  The class instructor asked where I had been, as she knew I was pregnant before I had seen her last, so I explained to her that Riley decided to make an appearance a little early, but that she was a rockstar and doing well.

Keep the peace…

Made it in to the hospital by 9:10am, and I somehow missed rounds (even though they usually happen between 9:15-10:45am).  The nurse informed me that I didn’t miss a thing, as there are no changes going on with Riley.  All is the same.  She had a typical night of occasional d’s and b’s, and the nurse said she only had one desat since her shift started at 3am, where she dropped into the 30s and had a color change; however she has not had any since.  Of course once I arrived, Riley made it clear she wanted some attention and had a couple of d’s into the 60s-70s, but she frequently recovered on her own.  I spent some time holding her and hanging out this am before heading out to run a few errands and pick up papa.  

Ian and I came back in to the hospital this afternoon.  Riley did pretty well, having her occasional d’s, sometimes requiring a little boost in O2.  I held her again for a little bit, and she decided to desat a few times, so I put her back, feeling like maybe it was a little too much for her today.  Such a stinker.

Stretching it out…

Speaking of stinker…Ian has been feeling more comfortable with the diaper changes and has come close to completing one in its entirety (minus the wiping and the diaper cream part).  Baby steps… He’s also getting pretty good at getting her into those onesies, which is a challenge given that she often doesn’t stop moving around and we have to navigate around tubes and wires.  So we get the fresh diaper on Riley, and without missing a beat, “spurt.”  “Oh God,” says Ian.  “Yup, there it was,” I responded.  Round 2…ding!  I didn’t even get the explosion-soaked diaper off her before dad was turning his head away, dry-heaving, looking like he was going to lose his lunch.  Once recovered….”How?  How is that possible?” Ian asks.  I just simply answered, “Honey, she’s our kid.”  Needless to say, I had to finish that diaper change.


On a non-Riley note, Ian is slowly adjusting to his iPhone, but has threatened to take it back several times for various reasons (“it’s too big in my pocket,” “my flip phone used to hold its charge for 3 days…you mean I have to charge this everyday??” etc.).  However, with some encouragement, he’s trying to work through the adjustment period.  Baby steps….So today we were discussing how he could keep track of a grocery list in his phone, and I mentioned there is an app for this.  He was silent.  I asked, “Ian, you know what an app is, right?”  He paused again, and then asked “Like an appetizer?”  I didn’t know how to respond…so I didn’t.

Ended the evening with a dinner out with some good friends, which was a nice distraction from our usual silence or constant conversations about Riley when dinner involves only Ian and I.  We were able to talk and think about other things for a short period of time, although Riley’s name of course occasionally snuck into the conversation;)    



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