Friday, August 15th – Just another day of disney lullaby’s, diaper explosions, and boogies

snuggling with mom


Usual start to the day…Riley had a decent night, a few d’s and one b.  During morning rounds, the only new info presented was that Riley’s labs showed that her Hemocrit levels are low (which basically means she’s anemic).  She already gets a daily dose of iron, and the docs feel that since she’s not showing any distress related to this and is basically asymptomatic (i.e. no increase in b’s and d’s, not requiring an increase in O2, not lethargic, etc.), they will wait and see if her levels can return to normal without any intervention.  Otherwise, Riley will need another blood transfusion, which again is something they’d like to avoid if at all possible.  Per the docs, this is very common in premies and is something that happens at this stage of the game.  Upon further googling, I found that it’s likely related to the fact that Riley is growing at such a rapid rate and her body is having a difficult time keeping up, causing those red blood cell levels to drop a bit.  There are worse things…

Otherwise, nothing new.  The docs expressed that this time of Riley’s recovery is very slow…the progress is slow and there are not many changes day to day.  Yes I’ve noticed.  Glad it’s not just me…

So as of today Riley is up to 4 lbs 8.5 oz!  Such a little beast…


I don’t have anything overly exciting to report today, I have to admit.  We experienced the usual diaper explosions and I also watched the nurse suction adult-sized boogies out of Riley’s nose.  Got out for a nice walk and lunch again today, which is always good for my sanity, as I’m beginning to know the Disney lullaby songs by heart…

trying to take care of those boogies on her own…

Riley’s doctor stopped in late in the day to check in on both her and myself.  She continues to express how impressed she is with “how well Riley is doing,” and added that she felt “it’s because you’re here with her so much.”  That made me feel good.  I admit it’s not always easy to spend as many hours as I do here in this hospital, day after day, but there is no doubt in my mind that I have to be here as often as I physically and mentally can for my daughter.  I truly believe she needs meand I need her.  She is my world now…and nobody ever said being a mother is easy…



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