Thursday, August 14th – A new little woman…


Came in this am to my little one looking like quite the sleeping diva…a new hat with a big fluffy yellow flower and a new onesie, with lullaby music playing for her in the background.  Life is good…

During morning rounds, the docs decided to increase Riley’s feeds to 40 cc’s (from 35), and she had gained 21 grams yesterday, putting her at a total of 1966 grams.  I have no idea what that is in pounds and ounces…I could never do those darn conversions no matter how much time my dad spent with me on my math homework at the kitchen dinner table telling me “Math is simple…it’s just adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.”  Right…thanks dad.  

I also brought up Riley’s continued reflux during morning rounds, and although this appears to have improved, the docs confirmed that they’d like to hold off on initiating reflux meds unless it’s absolutely necessary, as this can increase her risk for NEC (that terrible gastrointestinal disease that’s often associated with premies).  Holding off on those meds sounds like a good plan to me.  Finally, the results of the head ultrasound were in and everything is good and stable…continued resolving grade 1 bleed.  That’s great news, Riley Mae!

Finally got the go-ahead to give my daughter a bath today.  The nurse even informed me that when she was taking the pulse ox off Riley’s foot this am  (which reads her vitals, including her heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation levels), she was a bit “stinky.”  Yes, I know.  You would be too if you didn’t bathe in over a week…

“Are you sure it’s been over a week since we’ve done this whole bath thing??”

It was the first bath in the open bed, and wow did that make a world of difference!  I was able to do the bath myself, and I thought I did a pretty good job, although Riley made it clear that she was not enjoying it by using her “not so weak” set of lungs, screaming and yelling, and occasionally even trying to grab and scratch her mom.  I tried explaining to her that “you’ll feel so much better afterwards…I promise…” but rationalizing with a 33 week old kiddo is like trying to rationalize with a cop…you can try and make your plea but they’re still going to give you that ticket.  

Quick…take a look at my face and chubby cheeks before they put the tape and crazy tube back on!!


I had another lunch date with my girlfriends.  We sat outside and I soaked up some rays, getting that much needed dose of vitamin D.  It was terrific:)

When I got back, I saw this woman looking a little lost coming off the elevator, and without even thinking I said “Can I help you find something?”  Obviously, I’ve been here a little too long if I feel I can provide directions to any and all departments in the hospital…

This afternoon, I snuggled my clean little bundle of joy while enjoying reading a book on my kindle, as we both listened to the background lullaby music.  The hour and a half flew by…now this is what mother’s and daughter’s are supposed to do…I got so engrossed in our bonding time and was so cozy that I almost forgot where we were…

Gosh those baths wear me out…

Daddy came in his usual time and had a chat with his little “pumpkin.”  He and I began briefly talking about the day and the next thing you know….something very exciting was revealed from Ian’s pocket…an iPhone!!!!  My husband, who has had a flip phone for the past I don’t know how many years (yes a flip phone)…the same flip phone that the 80 year old sitting at the table next to us at the Olive Garden had…finally has caught up with the times and has an iPhone!!  For those of you who know Ian, you’re probably aware of how attached he was to his flip phone, bragging about and often demonstrating how he can throw it up against a wall and “it doesn’t even break…it just bounces back.”  So you may wonder what caused him to make the switch…well last night I was upstairs getting ready for bed and I heard what sounded like something had fallen.  Turns out Ian got up from the couch and stepped on his flip phone, breaking it in half.  Guess the good ol’ flip phones can pass the “throwing up against the wall” test but not the “stepping on it with a foot” test:)  It’s about time, Ian.  Now you can actually see the pictures of your daughter that I send you throughout the day….

The day ended with Riley “acting up” shortly after daddy arrived (which has been her M.O. for the past few nights), having a b and d occurring together, requiring some moderate stimulation and an oxygen bump to recover.  Riley Mae sure knows how to keep daddy on his toes;)  Who knew it could begin at such a young age….

Stretching before they restrain me again…they may call it “swaddling” but I call it restraining



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