Wednesday, August 13th – Another day stronger, another day stinkier…

IMG_1343 IMG_1362

Usual morning routine (I know I’m getting tired of it, too) –  nurse said Riley had an okay night, but she had just had a desat and a bradycardia occur together.  She also had her head ultrasound completed earlier this am,  and the results are pending.  Otherwise, she continues to tolerate her feedings.  

I look like my daddy when I’m sleeping…

I was in the room for only a few minutes before Riley had another b and d.  She required minimal-moderate stimulation and a little bump in her O2 to recover.  Even though Wednesday’s are usually bath day, the nurse thought that given Riley’s rocky start to the morning, it might be a good idea to hold off on the bath for today.  I agreed with her…lets not rock the boat.  I think I forgot to mention in my post on Sunday that we had also decided to defer the bath at that time given that Riley was still trying to adjust to the open bed and was having a rough day.  Two skipped baths…what a stinker…

Is it naptime again yet?
Oh ma, wait til you see what I left you in my diaper….

Speaking of being a stinker….I am convinced my child has an abnormal amount of the #2 coming out of her.  I know all babies go fairly frequently and require diaper changes often, but this is just getting out of control.  Every time I went to change Riley’s diaper today, not only would she have a present in diaper #1, but the minute I would put diaper #2 on her behind and wrap it up nice and tight…spurt!  She has to at least go through 2 diapers each diaper change.  Now I’m aware that typically a mom can change at least 10-12 diapers a day, which means this mom will be changing 20-24 diapers daily.  We might have to invest in some Huggies stock…

Despite Riley’s shaky start to the day, she ended up having a good day overall.  She didn’t have any more b’s and only had a single d during the remainder of my stay, and the nurse was even able to get her oxygen level down to 21% (room air).  Maybe she’s just not a morning person…

IMG_1345 IMG_1350

I have to admit I hit a wall today.  I just physically and mentally could not be in that hospital any longer…I felt tired and drained, and I’m getting really sick of the place; however, I didn’t want to leave my daughter either.  Do I steal her and see if anyone notices? (trust me the thought has crossed my mind).  I tell myself that I should go home and get some rest, maybe even nap for a bit, and then I can be a better mom for Riley.  So I left around 3:30, knowing Ian would be with her shortly after I left.  

I have a heck of time relaxing when I’m home.  I feel like I should be either doing something productive or be with my kiddo.  So I straightened up and organized her nursery a bit, made a stop at the store, and baked some zucchini bread, frequently checking in on Riley through the nicview camera.  So much for a nap…maybe I need to be swaddled…



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