Tuesday, August 12th – Growing, smiling, and squeaking

Happy girl…or maybe just a little gassy.IMG_1327

Usual morning routine – talked to the nurse who said Riley did pretty well overnight, only having 4 d’s, no b’s, and she’s been tolerating her feedings.  No updates or changes during morning rounds, except that Riley will have her repeat head ultrasound tomorrow per their previous recommendation of following up at one month of age. 

Spent about an hour on the phone this morning with the social security office, as Riley qualifies for Medicaid given her prematurity and low birth weight.  I was looking down at the form I had to fill out and saw that it said at the top “For a disabled child (premature infant).”  It kind of struck me because I’ve always hated that word…it just sounds so negative…and I certainly don’t think of Riley as being “disabled.”  There’s nothing wrong with her…she’s premature, but maturingshe’s not disabled, she’s just growinggrowing and getting stronger.   Damnit.  Ok I’m done.

IMG_1330 IMG_1320

Had a nice lunch break today.  Went out with a good friend from work, and even ventured out of Oakland for a bit.  It felt great:)  And Riley got some more cute onesies and socks, which were adorably decorated as cupcakes!  Only you;)


I have to admit I’m certainly enjoying the freedom that comes along with this whole “open bed” thing.  Riley and I got to hang out both this morning and this afternoon, napping and chatting.  I’ve noticed that she’s beginning to make these weird “squeaky” noises, which my parents told me apparently I used to make when I was an infant, so much so that they actually called me “squeaky.” Real nice mom and dad…

Napping in mama’s arms:)

I’ve been bringing in more clothing and blankets from home, which also makes this place feel a little bit homier and allows me to do more of those “mom” things I’ve been longing to do since she’s been born.  Not to mention that it’s a lot easier to change a diaper and a onesie when you don’t have to battle with Riley inside the incubator:)

IMG_1297 IMG_1323

Riley was a good girl today again, although she apparently hasn’t given dad enough gray hairs yet.  She only had a single desat all day, then dad walks in around dinner time, and she decides to have both a bradycardia and a desat at the same time (which I like to call the “double whammy”), and she had trouble recovering on her own, requiring the nurse to provide moderate stimulation.  “I don’t know if I can be a nurse anymore…this stuff stresses me out too much,” says Ian.  See what you’ve done Riley Mae…you’ve changed daddy’s career path… 


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