Monday, August 11th – Another amazing come back from our super girl!

what’s everybody all worked up about??IMG_1254

Ian and I called into the NICU late last night to check on Riley given the day she had, as we both left the hospital with that “pit in our stomach” feeling.  On the phone,  the nurse informed us that Riley had another low desat since we had left, requiring them to bag her (which is what happened several times during the day yesterday when Ian and I were with Riley).  She spoke with the docs and they placed an order to raise her head of bed in case her reflux is contributing to her b’s and d’s, and the nurse indicated that ever since then, Riley was doing well.  Needless to say, it was a long night.  I checked Riley on the nicview camera several times overnight and early this am.  She was surprisingly still bundled up in her blankets and hat, and every once in awhile she made micro movements, letting me know she was still breathing.  All was good.


Came in this am to a new nurse.  She informed me Riley had a total of 3 d’s over night, which were again low, requiring moderate stimulation, but she did not have any b’s.  They changed her feeding tube, as they suspected it was possible that the placement of the tube could be contributing to Riley’s difficulties.  The nurse said Riley has not had any d’s or b’s this am since she started her shift around 6:30am.  I saw on the white board in Riley’s room that she had gained 4 grams (as they weighed her in the middle of the night last night) and she’s currently at 4 lbs 2.1 oz.  

drama queen…

During discussion at morning rounds, the med team expressed that Riley’s bad day yesterday could likely be attributed to a combination of her feeding tube and her adjusting to her new environment.  They no longer were discussing plans of weaning Riley to regular O2 via a nasal cannula and actually decided to increase the amount of pressure her CPAP machine is giving her (from 5 to 6).  This may also help while Riley continues to adjust to the open bed.  No other updates or changes.

The nurse asked if I wanted to hold Riley this morning.  I had plans of waiting until later in the day to make sure I didn’t rock the boat and throw off what was so far a good morning.  However, who says no to something like that?  Not me.  So I held Riley for a good 45 minutes or so, and she did really well.  The nurse didn’t have to bump up her oxygen at all and her numbers were good for the duration of our bonding time.  Towards the end, Riley started to wake up and was looking up at me, and occasionally gazing all around the room, as if to say “Where the heck am I?” or “What is this place?”   I told her “Don’t worry” and I explained “This is only your temporary home.  Your nursery is much cuter, don’t you worry.”  She looked at me as if she was reassured.  We continued to chat for awhile, discussing her behavior yesterday and why mommy has huge circles under her eyes, the fact that her hat was way too big for her head, what she’s dreaming about when she makes those crazy faces, and as always, how excited I am to bring her home.  It was fun and actually relaxing.  It was a complete 180 from yesterday.  It was almost like she was a new baby today.  Knock on wood…

napping with mom
ok ma, enough with the pictures already…

Ian spent the day with me and Riley at the hospital today given the crazy day/night we both had yesterday.  We are slowly beginning to ease Ian into diaper changing by having he and I do it together, with him performing some of the steps.  This morning I had two diaper changes that involved only a #1, so I had a feeling this first one in the afternoon Ian and I were about to encounter together might be a winner.  And boy was I right!!  One of her infamous “colossal” poops!  Of course Ian left the wiping up to me after he assessed the damage (thanks a lot).  So we got her all cleaned up, put both of her onesies back on (as she now wears layers), and got her swaddled and comfy.  The next thing you know, I hear this “spurt” sound.  I start laughing because I knew exactly what just happened.  I looked at Ian and asked “Did you just hear that?”  He says “Yea, what the heck was that?” as he looked sort of afraid to hear the answer.   I informed him that his daughter just had another explosion in her diaper.  He said “No way!…Are you sure it wasn’t a burp.” Really?  I laughed again…“Positive.”  Diaper change #2…and it was so bad Ian turned away and may have even dry-heaved when he saw the mustardy explosion.  Nice work girlfriend!  Out with the bad…

RIley had very few d’s and only one b today.  She did significantly better during her feedings, and continues to gain weight, as she’s now up to 4 lb 2.9 oz.  Got to hold Riley again this afternoon, and she did great.  Ian was watching us, and the next thing you know he says “Yup, she definitely has your ears…YAY!!”  He then paused for a moment, and said “And she definitely has my face…YAY!”  I just looked at him…he knew enough to quit while he was ahead:)

Today was definitely a much better day for Riley.  Back to her usual self…way to go super girl! Another amazing comeback.  And of course…she is another day stronger…

holy heck there’s my nose!



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