Friday, August 8th – Happy Birthday Riley Mae!

Happy one month birthday, Riley Mae!what a month it’s been…


There was a cute decorated balloon made out of construction paper hanging on the outside of Riley’s incubator when I came in this am, celebrating her one month survival.  Riley welcomed my presence today with a few d’s and a b.  I yelled at her, telling her that she won’t get to have her birthday cupcake if she keeps it up.  She didn’t care…the d’s continued.  Guess she’s smart enough to know there’s no way in hell that cupcake is fitting through my tiny oral gastric tube…nice try, mom!

During rounds, the docs decided to increase Riley’s feeds to 35 cc’s (from 32).  Look out scale…here we come!  They are happy with Riley’s ongoing weight gain, and continue to express that they’d like to take Riley off CPAP on Monday, also mentioning she’s getting closer to transitioning to an “open bed,” no longer requiring the warmth of the incubator.

I have a feeling these next 2 weeks are going to be big for Riley…moving to regular O2 on a  nasal cannula, being transitioned out of the incubator and moving to an open bed, and hopefully beginning oral feeds.  All things making her seem more like a “real baby,” and all things getting her one step closer to coming home…


Riley had a few visitors this am, including my parents, aunt, and uncle, and she occasionally would peak her eyes open, allowing them to have a quick look at her baby blues.  I was able to do kangaroo time with Riley this am for about an hour, requiring a slight increase in O2 so she could tolerate it better.  My mom had an opportunity to observe this mother-bonding time, and took full advantage of the kodak moment.  Mom seemed to really enjoy watching us, as she and I talked about the similarities between Riley and myself when I was an infant, as well as some of those things we’re looking forward to in her future, such as simply having her home in her own crib and my mom being able to hold her.

IMG_1190 IMG_1189

Went back to visit Riley later in the afternoon.  She continued to have occasional desats, but overall had a decent day.  We ended the day with a very nice dinner out, celebrating family, health, and happiness….and most of all, celebrating Riley being yet another day stronger!

Ian and I briefly went back to the hospital tonight after dinner to say goodnight.  We had missed Riley’s weigh in before dinner, but on the white board in her room where the nurses track Riley’s weight, gestational age, chronological age, etc., there it was….4.0 pounds even!!!  One month and 4 lbs…that’s our girl!


I didn’t do it…



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