Thursday, August 7th – Making big strides on the nursery…and recovery!


Came in usual time this am, while my amazing parents stayed back at my house to start putting together our nursery furniture. I owe them…BIG TIME!

Riley had a good night per the nurse (who was a new one today). I came in to find her surrounded by what appeared to be an infant straight-jacket (in the words of my sister-in-law:) ), decorated with cute little colorful hearts. The nurse from last night got Riley situated in a sleeper sack, which helps keep her crazy legs contained and closer to her body, which is better for her development. Where has this been all her life?


During rounds, the docs continue to keep everything the same, discussing plans to trial the regular O2 (via nasal cannula) again on Monday.  Riley continues to have her regular desats over night, but has not had a bradycardia in over 24 hours.  Keep up the good work little lady!

We had another great kangaroo session today that lasted a little over an hour.  During the initial portion of today’s session, Riley had her fingers near her mouth and eventually found her thumb, sucking on it for a few short minutes.   Her hair looked like it hadn’t been combed after her bath (exactly for that reason…because I didn’t comb it), so I spent a lot of the time gently combing through and petting her thin, soft hair with my finger tips.  I frequently asked her “Where did this crazy hair come from Riley Mae!?…You’re going to need a hair cut before you get out of here.”  She slept during most of today’s session, and didn’t have a single desat!  Now we’re getting the hang of this whole kangaroo thing!  What a good joey🙂


Went home during lunch to check out the progress on the nursery…WOW!!  Bruce and Barb (the rents) had all the furniture put together in just a few short hours, and the nursery was starting to look pretty awesome!  Ian’s new friend was also creepily staring out the nursery front window when I arrived home…

IMG_1157    IMG_1180IMG_1179

My parents came back for another visit with Riley this afternoon.  She was sleeping soundly and looking pretty comfortable for the duration of their visit.  Towards the end, however, they got to see their little grandchild bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as it was time to weigh in!  The nurse warned us that since Riley had such a big gain yesterday, “don’t be surprised if she hasn’t gained anything or has only gained a small amount.”  So we mentally prepared ourselves.  Well apparently the mental preparation was unnecessary…Riley Mae gained another 64 grams, putting her at 3 lb 15.5 oz!!  Our little porker!…just half an ounce short of 4 lbs!  What are they feeding you child?!? 

IMG_1168 IMG_1173

Daddy came to visit his little girl at the usual time after work.  My parents headed home, and Ian and I hung out for awhile.  My aunt and uncle also came into town tonight to meet the famous little peanut.  They had a chance to briefly meet Riley in person tonight, and are looking forward to spending the next 2 days with her, hoping to get to see her in action.

Overall, Riley had an AMAZING day today!!  Desats were very minimal, she tolerated feedings (even when she was positioned on her back), she packed on another couple ounces, and the temperature on her incubator is down to 29.3 (and they only wean it to 29 before they start to transition her to an open bed)!!  This little girl is kicking butt and taking names…


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