Wednesday, August 6th – Packing on the ounces and showing off…


Went in a little late this am because I had my follow-up doctor’s appt at 8am (oh yea that’s right, I delivered a baby a month ago).   This appt was at the same hospital where I delivered, Riley’s current home, so it was convenient.  It was a quick appointment…the doctor made sure I wasn’t depressed and asked if I felt recovered.  I didn’t want to tell her I almost forgot about the whole “delivery” process.  Anyway, everything went fine and all is good under the hood:)

Riley had the same nurse again today (lucky lady) and informed me that Riley had a good night.  Just the usual b’s and d’s, but no worse than the norm.  During rounds this am, they mentioned that since Riley is 30 days old she’s due for her Hep B vaccination, and otherwise there were no updates or changes (CPAP settings and feedings remained the same).  They ended rounds with saying Riley is doing great, and she “just needs to continue to grow.”  Well, she listened to the docs…the chunker jumped from 3 lb 10.4 oz to 3 lb 13.3 oz today!  The nurse weighed her 3 times just to make sure it was legit:)

We squeezed in a quick kangaroo session again today before nanners (aka grandma) and nonno (grandpa) arrived from eastern PA.  As Riley is getting close to being able to feed (orally), and I plan to eventually breast feed, the nurse today encouraged me to begin “acclimating” Riley to that area (don’t worry…I’ll spare you the details).  So I did, and it seemed we made a new, even deeper connection today.  She was alert during the entire session, with her beautiful blue eyes gazing up at me…contently looking at me…communicating through her eyes that she knows I’m her mom, and telling me “Hey ma, we’re going to be ok.”  She was so comfy during today’s session that she fussed when the nurse took her away to put her back in her plastic home.  It was kind of heartbreaking.

Nanners and Nonno arrived around lunch time.  They couldn’t get over how much Riley has changed since they’ve seen her last, both in size and overall appearance, looking bigger and healthier.  They talked to her a lot, telling her about all their hopes, dreams, and wishes for her when she comes home.  She was on her best behavior for them today, and occasionally showed off, demonstrating her acrobatic moves and abnormal strength.  Typical grandkid.


It was bath day again!  My mom got to watch Riley’s bath, which I started on my own, but daddy arrived just in time to help out.  She was a bit fussier than usual, crying on occasion, but I sort of enjoyed it, because it makes her seem more like a “real baby” (as opposed to those darn dolls they give you during home economics class in middle school that pee and fake cry and were secretly invented to teach abstinence).  I know that my enjoyment over my child’s crying sounds may sound weird, but she hasn’t been a fussy baby and hearing her cry makes me feel like she’s doing what a baby is supposed to do.  I know…I’ll feel differently one day and regret commenting on it in this post.  Until then, we’ll just go with it.

pretending to sleep after bath time

Ended the day with a delicious home cooked dinner (thanks mom and dad) and a toast to Riley Mae, who is yet again, another day stronger!

Riley put herself in this position…it’s only allowed because she’s hooked up to a monitor and receiving supplemental oxygen.



p.s. sorry about the late post…won’t let it happen again.


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