Tuesday, August 5th – Donuts, kangaroos, and giraffes…Oh my!




Stopped at the local bakery on my way in today to pick up some donuts for the staff in honor of Riley being 4 weeks old.  They devoured them in the first few minutes of me dropping them off, and were very complimentary.  Thanks for taking care of our peanut, Magee staff, and Happy 4 weeks Riley Mae!

Riley had the same nurse again today.  Upon my arrival this am, she indicated that Riley had an increase in d’s and b’s this am following her eye exam.  She explained that she had another low drop and “almost needed to be bagged,” but the nurse was able to get her to come back up with an increase in oxygen and some stimulation.  Otherwise, she is tolerating her feedings and doing well.

During rounds, they discussed Riley’s increase in d’s and b’s, and expressed that they feel these are likely a consequence of being “messed around with” and “getting the eye drops” during her eye exam today.  If these b’s and d’s continue, they will monitor her more closely for signs of possible infection.  Also found out the results of the eye exam during rounds, and as of now, Riley is not showing signs of ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity), but this is something they will continue to monitor for at least several weeks.  Her next eye exam will be in 2 weeks.  The ophthalmologist did indicate in his report that Riley has a retinal hemorrhage in her one eye, which is likely a result of trauma from birth and/or from being premature, but per my google search, 85% of those clear up without any need for intervention.  We’ll take it.

I put Riley in a new onesie this am, and after our day of bonding yesterday, I felt like it was appropriate, as it says “I love mommy” on the front.  I’ve noticed that we have quite a collection of “Daddy loves me,” and “Daddy’s little girl,” onesies, but not too many about mom.  So I’m taking advantage of the situation when I can, even though it’s obvious to me already that Riley has daddy wrapped around her little finger, and she will forever be “daddy’s little girl.” 🙂 

IMG_1123 IMG_1119

My mother-in-law came today for a visit, and we had a very nice time.  She got to see Riley awake while she hung out on her back for a bit, Riley gave her a little wave, and she even got to hang out during our kangaroo session.  The nurse and I agreed to trial a short kangaroo session today given that Riley had a rough morning, and she did really great, but was ready to quit by the time the 30 minutes was up.  Again, I’ll take whatever I can get, and even a few minutes of successful kangaroo time makes my day!

IMG_1132 IMG_1131   

On the way out, my mother-in-law decided that she wanted to purchase the life-sized giraffe we’ve been eyeing up for weeks in the hospital gift shop for her son (yes, that’s right, her son…aka my husband).  I’ll explain….It all started when Ian and I went on our first trip to a baby store and began looking at furniture.  There was a large giraffe on display and Ian started to pet it, and almost began interacting with it, when one of the store workers approached Ian and said “Yea a lot of the children that come in here really love that giraffe.”  Notice how she said “children,” not adults.  However, Ian was determined to get one of those giraffes ever since that day, and so happy belated birthday from your mother.  I’m hoping you’re at least okay with it going in Riley’s room:)  

Boy did I get some comments walking through the hospital and the parking lot carrying this gigantic giraffe, and I threw them right back (“Yea I know, most people walk out of this hospital with a baby, I’m coming out with a stuffed giraffe”), trying to make light of our situation at a time that it felt totally appropriate.  

Not to mention that it totally looked like I robbed a zoo if you looked in the trunk of my car…

Riley started to act up a bit when daddy arrived after work, increasing in d’s and b’s.  He yelled at her.  She didn’t listen.  Welcome to our future.

Before I headed out for the night, I could overhear the woman in the pod next door to us introduce herself to the mom as the “discharge coordinator,” as that baby was apparently getting ready to go home tomorrow.  I had thoughts of both “no fair” and “good for you” run through my head, as I admit to feeling envious of this woman’s situation, but also thought she deserves to take her baby home with her.  I’m sure she’s had a rough road as well, but it’s now her turn.  It’s been 4 weeks for us, and we likely have at least another 4 weeks to go, probably more.  It seems so far away sometimes, but I know that we’ll get our little fighter home soon, and I guess I should try to enjoy and take advantage of the sleep that I’m currently getting in the interim:)  Keep it going Riley Mae…4 weeks and another day stronger…


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