Sunday, August 3rd – You win some and you lose some…

IMG_1082 IMG_1087

Ian and I decided to get a few things done around the house this am, so we didn’t come into the hospital until 10:30am.  We of course pulled up the nicview website and watched Riley on video for a bit while we did our housework.  I noticed something looked different…Riley looked different…or maybe I could just see more of her face.  Then we realized they had changed her over to the regular nasal cannula, which is clear, smaller, and much less obnoxious looking than the green CPAP cannula.  She also no longer has to wear that chin strap that makes her look like a miniature football player!  The perks to this new cannula (besides it being more aesthetically pleasing, of course), is that it’s the final step in the respiratory weaning process, AND we’re allowed to take her out on our own (without having to wait for the nurse to disconnect the CPAP machine).  This was great news!  The fact that the big, bulky green tubing was changed over to the smaller, clear tubing meant that they felt she was doing well without the CPAP and likely would not have to go back on, or at least not any time soon…or so we thought…

We came into the hospital and Riley was desatting a little, but nothing major or out of the norm, and we also noticed that she was being fed.  Ok so this is totally normal then.  She’s doing great on her new O2 settings!  Then the respiratory therapist comes in (thinking we had been to rounds this am and that we knew what was going on) and said, “Ok, I’m changing her back over to CPAP now.”  Wait what?  Why?  She’s doing so well.  He explained that the nurse on the previous shift felt Riley was having more desats and bradycardia’s than her norm, and the medical team decided it was a wise decision to put her back on CPAP.  Ok fair enough.  It’s a little step back, but there are much worse things.  Maybe it was just too much too soon for the little one…

hanging out in the nude again

Riley got another round of bath time with mom and dad today.  She did really well…hardly even fussed, and we didn’t do too terrible ourselves.  Still a bit awkward and discoordinated in our handling of her at times, but we’re getting the hang out of it.  Keep in mind that we don’t get to throw her in a tub and do a “typical” bath…she gets a sponge bath (or more like a washcloth bath) right in the comfort of her own incubator, with mom and dad’s arms working through the small holes of the isolate, on a bit of a time crunch.  It’s quite a challenge.

a bad case of hat head…


Riley and mom had a great kangaroo session today.  Her oxygen levels were bumped up in advance, and she tolerated an hour before having any desats.  This was definitely the best kangaroo time her and I have had in awhile, and I enjoyed every second of it (except for the fact that she left me a present in her diaper right in the beginning so she gave off an interesting scent for the duration of the session).  I watched her tiny features as she slept soundly, feeling amazed at how much she has filled-out, even since our last kangaroo session.  Her tiny fingers look a little chubbier, she has more rolls near the creases of her arms and legs, and even her fingernails appear slightly longer, as I could feel her scratching me lightly when she reached her hand up on my chest.  So amazing.  Part of me thought that if she wasn’t back on the CPAP, maybe we wouldn’t have had this awesome kangaroo care session today.  You win some and you lose some, right?

One thing is for sure…at 32 weeks, she’s once again one day stronger.

oh what a day…



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