Saturday, August 2nd – Another big step in the right direction


Came in usual time this am – the nurse informed me that Riley had a good night, typical desats but otherwise unremarkable.  This nurse has never had Riley before, but ironically she feels the same as the other nurses, commenting that she is “very alert” and “feisty.” At least my daughter is consistent.

First thing I noticed when I saw Riley this am was that she was still in the same pink onesie.  Ok we’re going on 2 1/2 days now.  I was determined to get her changed today, even if I had to take matters into my own hands.  Riley’s nurse was great today and she made sure that changing Riley’s onesie was one of the first things we accomplished this morning.  Looking good in blue Riley Mae!

IMG_1073 IMG_1075

During morning rounds, the decision was made to trial Riley off of the CPAP and move her to regular O2 via a nasal cannula.  The medical team acknowledged this is a little bit against usual protocol (again, as they usually wait until 32 weeks, which Riley will be tomorrow), but they want to see if taking her off the CPAP helps with her reflux.  The nurse practitioner (NP) also commented that she’d “like to hold off on giving Riley medication for her reflux if it’s more of a mechanical issue.”  Makes sense.  Only other change was increasing feeds slightly from 29 to 30 cc’s, mostly because the NP admitted she likes even numbers better…I’m with her on that one. 

Went home for lunch to pick up dad, who spent the morning getting some things done around the house.

RIley did really well today with her new O2 requirements.  She continued to have her occasional desats, but we noticed a significant improvement during her feedings.  Definitely a step in the right direction…

Riley’s weight is up to 3 lbs 7.9 oz…she continues to gain everyday.  Ian took her temperature for the first time today, too (don’t worry, he just had to place the thermometer under her armpit…nowhere else).  He did great.  However, still not agreeable to changing diapers.

Ian and I went home for dinner.  It was the first time he and I cooked together since we had Riley, which is something we typically do several times a week.  It was nice to again feel like we’re returning to some normalcy.  The only difference tonight was when we sat down to eat dinner, instead of talking to one another or watching a show, we watched Riley (from the Nicview cam).  We just stared at her, talked about how crazy and active she was,  and Ian occasionally yelled at her (thinking she can maybe hear him through the computer and camera) when she pulled on her nasal cannula.  This is our new life.  Riley Mae is our world now…she is our everything.  

IMG_1077 IMG_1081


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