Friday, August 1st – Who needs caffeine?


Came in this am to see Riley in the same onesie.  I know…I’m just as surprised as you that she didn’t make a mess of it yet:)  No poop stories from the nurse this am.  However, it was a new nurse and maybe he didn’t feel comfortable providing a detailed description of my child’s stool.

Morning rounds – the caffeine has officially been stopped, with her feedings remaining the same.  Friday is blood gas level check day – again, her levels are “great” and “right where they need to be” per the med team.  The doctors contemplated taking Riley completely off CPAP today (although they don’t normally do this until 32 weeks at the earliest, which Riley will be on Sunday).  They asked how I felt she was doing, and I mentioned that she seemed to have more than the usual desats yesterday, and they decided to wait at least one more day on the same CPAP settings.  I was very happy with this decision.  I know I should be ecstatic about them moving her to just O2 via a regular nasal cannula, but I’m hesitant.   They have really been moving quickly with Riley, and given the day she had yesterday, some stability sounded great to me.  Let’s not rush it.

Had a nice lunch date with a good friend today.  As always, a nice distraction…having the chance to talk about something besides Riley and getting a dose of vitamin D from the walk outside.

Riley continued to have her usual desats today, but frequently was able to recover on her own….definitely an improvement from yesterday:)  Good work girlfriend.  I’m convinced she just needs a day to adjust to the new settings before the docs make another change on her.  Her feedings also seemed to go a little better, although she continues to desat and occasionally appears to be uncomfortable and fussy.  However, she does seem to enjoy the pacifier during feedings, which is also encouraged as it helps promote those sucking skills and has her associate it with the feedings.  I’ve taught her to hold the pacifier in place (I can pretend, okay), as she would frequently dislodge it with her tongue.  She’s a quick learner and is getting pretty good at this now…she’s even doing it in her sleep!  What a rockstar.   

IMG_1044 IMG_1048


Turns out Riley continues to be a bit of a stubborn joey.  We did kangaroo care today for about 30 minutes, as this was as long as she lasted.  She desatted several times during the 30 minutes, despite appearing quite comfortable and content.  It’s becoming frustrating, but I was coping quite well until I had a visit from one of the respiratory therapists during the kangaroo time.  I actually like this RT, and he knows us and Riley quite well, but lets just say that pragmatics aren’t his forte.  He notices that Riley isn’t doing the best and says “Well, she just doesn’t like you today, does she?”  Thanks.  Way to knock a girl when she’s down.  I got sort of upset for a hot second, but didn’t take it to heart, because I considered the source….but it’s still not what you want to hear.  Not after a bad session of mother-daughter bonding.  

Riley was weighed right after kangaroo care and she’s up to 3 lbs 6.2 oz!!  Way to pack on those grams, kiddo!  After we got the stinker back in her plastic home she was wide-eyed and rambunctious as anything…looks like taking that caffeine away from her really had an effect;).  The nurses are always amazed at “how alert she is”…sort of how amazed the ultrasound techs were amazed at “how active she is.”  Yes we know. We’re in trouble.

Looking innocent while I’m pulling the CPAP cannula out of my nose…yet again.
Wasn’t me.



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