Wednesday, July 30th – Another bath, another explosion


Daily poop description (from the nurse): “She had a VERY large stool this morning” (approximating the size with her hands, showing about the size of a basketball).  I’m hoping she over exaggerated just a tad.

Riley had a pretty good night – just had her usual desats overnight, with one bradycardia.  She is now up to 3 lbs, 4.6 oz, and continues to be fed 29 cc’s every 3 hours.  During rounds, only updates included weaning her CPAP pressure settings (down to 6, from 7).  I learned that they only go down to 5 before weaning her completely to the regular nasal cannula.  Getting so close!

Today was bath day again.  I was on my own today…no dad to assist with holding.  The nurse was great and was present during the entire bath, but let me do 95% of the work.  It went pretty well and was fairly uneventful…a few cries and fusses from the victim, but she got over it.  Ironically, afterwards, she did amazingly well in terms of both her feeding and her stats, not having any issues. She adamantly sucked on her pacifier and put herself to sleep during her feeding, without having a single desat.  This good behavior happened after bath time the last time, too.  Maybe she’s just extra relaxed after bathing, treating it like a spa day??

Overall, Riley had a really great day today.  She had infrequent d’s and b’s, and tolerated her new CPAP settings.  We had a decent kangaroo care session  (with the nurse allowing for a slight increase in her O2 settings), and I was watching her more often than the monitor.  That’s success in my mind.


Riley made it known today that she can give a mean dirty look, but continues to be pretty cute regardless.   I know that won’t last long.  Her cry also continues to get stronger…what used to be this adorable, soft whining noise is now more of an assertive, moderately loud outburst.  It’s kinda scary.  

The white knuckle grip…
One of her many stink-eye looks…

Dad came for his usual visit after work, which is when I did kangaroo care today. During kangaroo care I had noticed that Riley needed a diaper change, so after we were done, I offered to help out the nurse and change Riley’s diaper, thinking I’m doing her a favor.  The nurse had left and I began changing the diaper, with dad watching (yes, only watching, no doing…remember, he’s “waiting until she gets older”), and she had a sizable load in the diaper.  I bring her legs to her belly and hold them there for several seconds, as this usually elicits another round.  Well not today, she seemed to be done  (or so we thought).  So I begin putting the new diaper under her bum and wabam!  I got nailed (just my hand, thank goodness), her bed sheets got nailed…it was a minor explosion in her little plastic home.  RILEY MAE!!  Not again!  Just when you think you have this girl figured out….

Ian continues to frequently bring up his observations of this explosive event tonight.  He can’t get over it.  I don’t know if he’s shocked, slightly impressed, embarrassed, or scared…maybe all of the above.  One thing is for sure in Ian’s mind…“We definitely need to start potty training NOW.”  Ok Ian.  You can get right on that.



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