Sunday, July 27th – 31 weeks old and round 2 of parent-provided bath time


So date night was a success.  We had a very nice evening, and I admit that although it was the last thing I wanted to do, I’m really glad we did it.  Ian and I both “needed” it.  More than I think we maybe realized.  I felt kinda sorta normal again (or at least closer to my baseline level of normal, which still includes some “abnormalness”…this I know and fully admit).

Our nurse didn’t realize Ian and I were in Riley’s room this am so we weren’t called for morning rounds.  No new changes, no new updates.  All the same.

I decided to switch up Riley’s incubator blanket today, and it’s now all decked out in a bright pink, personalized blanket, thanks to Ian’s work friends!!  I absolutely LOVE this blanket!  And so does Riley….it complements her quite well 🙂


Ian’s family visited today.  We had a very nice visit…they’ve noticed some definite changes in Riley since their last visit, including that she appears longer in length, with some increased chubbiness.  And the cuteness factor also continues to be on the upswing:)

Bath time – Round 2: I explained to our current nurse that we’ve done this once before, with a good amount of support from nursing staff, and expressed we’d like to try it again, but with continued support.  Next thing you know, the nurse comes in the room and says, “Go ahead guys, you can do the bath anytime you want.”  I sort of just stared at her, and was speechless.  Wait what?  You don’t really trust us to do this alone do you?

So next she verbally provided a review of the first few steps of bathing, which was more logistical stuff (i.e. filling the container with warm water, to use a small amount of soap), those few things I actually did feel confident about.  What about the part that involves man-handling our child?  What do we do again?  Well Ian and I rolled up our sleeves and dove in…no turning back.  The nurse says “I’ll be back to check in on you once you get started.”  Oh ok thanks.

Well I have to say I guess we kind of know what we’re doing (or at least did a good job of pretending).  We followed the steps we recalled from the last bath, Ian and I talked each other through it, helping one another out, and what do you know, we have a clean little peanut with some seriously fuzzy hair as a result!  The nurse said “Well you guys did great, you are independent.”  I again sort of just looked at her…what is she talking about?  What the heck does that mean?  And then she clarified “You guys can do these on your own now.”  Is she nuts??  She must be.  Does she know who Riley’s parents really are? (especially Ian)… obviously not.



The nurse setup Riley’s feeding shortly after bath time.  A little before we were getting ready to leave for the night, I go to say my goodbyes to Riley and see the empty syringe lying by her head, nearly in her face (as it typically hangs above her head at the top of her incubator during feeds).  I see a few drops of breast milk on her back, and think “Oh no…”  Then I reach into her bed and feel a milk-soaked blanket beneath her.  You’ve got to be kidding me…

Nice timing.  Guess who might be getting another bath tomorrow??


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