Thursday, July 24th – Another good day…more amazing people


The morning commute: On the way in this am, Ian and I were sitting at a light that usually takes awhile to change, and we noticed the woman in the driver’s seat next to us putting on her makeup.  This turned into a discussion about wearing makeup vs. no makeup.  Ian felt the need to mention that if he were a girl (yea I know it scares me, too), “I probably wouldn’t wear makeup unless I was going out somewhere nice.”  And I commented “I could see that.”  I defended my rationale for wearing makeup almost daily, and explained to him that I’m the type of person who “feels better when I feel like I look a little better.”  Then Ian says “Oh yea, I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear makeup.”  Dirty look given.   Then he went on to explain himself further in terms of why he feels he wouldn’t need to wear makeup, and states “Haven’t you noticed how all of the nurses keep saying how beautiful Riley is, and then they also say she looks like me”  (shitty grin on Ian’s face).  Another dirty look from me.

Morning poop description: “You should have seen it…It was colossal!” says the nurse.

Rounds – are really becoming pretty boring.  Again, this is a good thing.  Basically the two main things being addressed right now are weaning her O2 and CPAP settings, and increasing feeds.   The docs decided to keep Riley on the same regiment as yesterday, as her CPAP settings have been weaned and feeds have been increased nearly every day, to sort of give her another day to adjust and stabilize before changing things on her again.  The next CPAP step is to decrease her rate to 10 (from 15).  This is sort of the final step before weaning her completely from the “cycled CPAP,” and going to basic O2 via nasal cannula.  This is awesome!  Can’t believe she has come this far so quickly…

Our kangaroo care time went really well today.  Riley tolerated a little over an hour, and could have tolerated more but daddy was hungry.  She was completely content (as was mom), and only had a single desat, which she recovered from on her own!  That a girl!!  She’s getting used to this whole “hanging out with mom” thing.  Ian also took a nap during this time, lying across the two very uncomfortable wooden chairs in our room with his head in the nook of the closet, which is a resting position he has come to know quite well.  This current scenario, with Riley sleeping peacefully on my chest and Ian sleeping next to us (with an occasional snore coming from his direction), made me start to imagine what it’s going to be like when we’re finally at home…just the 3 of us.   What a wonderful thought.  I closed my eyes and imagined being at home, removing the sounds and images of ventilator machines, monitors, and Riley in a plastic box from my head, and I felt so at peace.  We’re getting there Riley Mae.  We’re getting there.  You’re on the right track…just keep it going.  One step, one day at a time.  

Spent a portion of today at home.  Ian’s friends from work stopped by our house to drop off gifts.  Holy heck did they go overboard…above and beyond…and then some.  Ian and I have no clue how we can even begin to thank them for all the wonderful, thoughtful gifts.  There were a few personalized items for Riley that nearly brought tears to my eyes I loved them so much.  I also had work friends stop by yesterday, and we received some amazing gifts for both Riley and ourselves, from many of my colleagues at the VA. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And Ian and I want to thank everyone again for their ongoing support and prayers.  The continued emails, texts, and comments on our blog are what we rely on to help get us through each day, and we strongly believe they are the reason that Riley has made as strong of a comeback.  Riley says thanks everyone….and sends a big (actually it’s kinda little) hug your way:) 


Lastly, I’ve been sort of forgetting to mention this in my previous posts, as it doesn’t really seem to fit or flow nicely into any of my blogs, so I’m randomly putting it at the end of this one (still out of place).  I’m not usually one who believes a whole lot in “signs,” but if this isn’t significant and ironic in some way, then I don’t know what is.  The incubator that Riley’s been hanging out in since her first day in the NICU is a “Giraffe incubator” (this is the brand name).  For those of you who may not know, although the setup of Riley’s nursery has hardly been initiated, the one thing I had decided was the theme for her room, which was giraffes, and I have the crib bedding to prove it.  That may be a bit of a sign…a sign that Riley is in the right place for right now, and as much as I hate observing her in the plastic giraffe box every day, it’s where she needs to be to transition into her giraffe decorated crib and nursery at home…



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