Tuesday, July 22nd – two weeks old and the discovery of her nose…

 IMG_0824 IMG_0835 

Not a lot to share today, which I guess is a good thing.  I spent the first half of today at home, per the request/demands of my husband who felt I probably needed a mental health half day.  “Why don’t you sleep in and relax,” or “take a nap later.”  Ok sure.  No thanks.  So I cleaned.  A lot.  It helped make the time go faster and temporarily take my mind off my little one.  

Ian updated me on morning rounds…the head ultrasound was unchanged and remains stable.  Phew.  That’s the last one of those they’ll be doing for awhile now.  They continue to increase feeds, now at 25 cc’s.  Almost up to an ounce!  The docs also mentioned that Riley’s PICC in her leg can be removed some time today, as she’s tolerating the caffeine being administered orally.

We ate lunch at home again today, and then Ian and I came back in around 1:00pm.  When I came in, the nurse informed me that she was quite impressed with the amount of waste that came out of our daughter earlier this am.  She said “I almost wanted to weight it just to see how much it was,” but she didn’t.  Riley Mae…breaking all sorts of records around here!  The poor nurse even had to change her bed sheets after that one.  Must have been a doozy.  Too bad mom was at home and couldn’t help out with that diaper change;)

During the initial part of kangaroo care today, Riley was so awake and alert.  She looked around the room (even though I realize she can’t see much at this stage of the game), and at her dad, just checking out her surroundings.  She also appeared to discover her nose for the first time, as she grabbed onto it and squeezed it a few times, as if to say “What is the random object hanging out in the middle of my face that they keep sticking things into?”  It was pretty cute until she poked her eye several times.  I asked the nurse if she could be restrained (half kidding…sort of), and she was able to put a sock-like mitten over her hand/arm to contain her.  Bad Riley.  See what you made mom do?  I sort of felt bad about it, but I didn’t want the kid to poke her beautiful eyes out.   

I have to admit the majority of kangaroo care was a bit stressful today, as Riley frequently would desat, and had some trouble coming back up on her own, requiring the nurses to come in and adjust her CPAP settings.  Ian was getting nervous, saying “let’s put her back…she needs to go back.”  This made me feel even more uneasy, despite the nurse telling us “It’s okay…this is good for her.  She’s learning how to regulate her body temperature and adjust.”  Kangaroo care continued to be about an hour today, despite the eventfulness, and I tried to enjoy every minute that I could when her monitor wasn’t obnoxiously dinging.  It still continues to be the highlight of my day…without a doubt….(besides spending the entire day with my husband, of course)

Riley gained a few more ounces today, now up to 2 lbs 12.1 oz.  A little more meat on those bones (although that pacifier continues to be a bit too big for her little mouth)…and of course…one day stronger:)

IMG_0826   IMG_0840


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