Saturday, July 19th – Amazing Nurses and First Diaper Change

IMG_0792        IMG_0788

Came into Riley’s room this am to find a note from Riley’s “BFF nurse.”  When she had stopped by last night, besides giving Riley her BFF necklace, she was all concerned about getting her a nice new blanket to cover the padding in her incubator, as Riley still had the same blanket from the last time this nurse had changed it (which was more than just a few days ago).  So she left a note letting us know that she’s waiting until after her bath tonight, and that she put in a special request to have Riley as a patient tonight during her 7:00pm shift.  Riley really does have a special place in her heart.  What an awesome nurse!

Otherwise a typical morning…during rounds – nurse reported Riley continued to have b’s and d’s over night.  They adjusted CPAP settings yesterday (increased the amount of pressure being given through the machine), which seems to be helping the b’s and d’s, per the RT (respiratory therapist).  Bili is down to 3.9.  Woohooo!!  Lights out, and hopefully it stays that way for a bit.  Voiding and stooling like a pro.  Increasing feeds to 15 cc’s every 3 hours….packing on those ounces!  Riley’s weight today is almost back up to her original birth weight, at 2 lbs 9.1 ounces (from 2 lbs 9.5 ounces at birth).  Go girl!

Also got a few visits today from the other nurse that I mentioned in a previous post, as she’s the one who made Riley the bathing suit décor on her incubator.  She was amazed at how far Riley has come in the past few days.  She feels she “looks like a new baby,” and reminded us that “she’s always on my mind.”  Again, what an amazing nurse who cares so much about our little girl.  These nurses don’t get paid enough  for what they do.  They have been making this experience much more bearable for us as parents.

I had another opportunity to do kangaroo care today.  Riley’s nurse wasn’t the most responsive to my initial request (as she had some other babies to tend to), and I had to wait around quite a bit and ask a few times for it to happen…but eventually it did.  That was a bit frustrating for me…having to rely on other people to tell you when you’re allowed to interact with your own child. Ian snapped a few photos and watched us, interacting with Riley once in awhile…but primarily watching and smiling, as he knows how much I’m loving this experience right now, and how content I feel in this moment.   I love to just stare at her…looking at her tiny features, trying to figure out which are inherited from her daddy, which are from me.  Some didn’t fall nicely into either category:)

Riley’s diaper definitely had a present in it during kangaroo care today, as I noticed her stench immediately when the nurse handed her to me, but I didn’t care.  As weird as it sounds, I kind of enjoyed it.  I got to smell my stinky child for the first time.  Hey…it’s sort of another milestone right?

Also got to change my first tiny diaper today!  Diaper changing is something that I have some experience with, but I’ve been watching the nurses closely because I know typical daily needs care is always a little different with these little ones.  I’ve learned that the only difference changing a diaper on Riley is that her parts are miniature (and her butt is super wrinkly, kind of like a grandma’s, because she hasn’t grown into her own skin yet…but it’s adorable) and the diaper needs to be rolled over at the top because otherwise it will go as far up as her chest…a new fashion statement.  Riley made the first diaper change easy on mom…just a little pee:)  Thanks girlfriend.

We ended up not having any visitors today, and it allowed Ian and I to have a chance to go home for a few hours during the afternoon, which was nice.  We ate lunch at home, and I had these big plans to catch up on a little tv, maybe even bake some muffins with the rotting bananas sitting on my counter.  However, after about 10 minutes of sitting down to watch tv, I was out cold.  When I woke up, it was time for us to head back to see our girl.  I forgot how nice it was to take a nap on my own couch, free of babies crying and monitors alarming.

I’ve learned that having too much down time and having an uneventful day can be dangerous for Ian.  He had a little too much time on his hands today, and decided that he was going to start brainstorming about his midwife posting on Craigslist, stating that he is available to be a midwife to whomever needs one, and although he has “no formal training,” he has the “experience.”  What a freak.



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